As Zika Fear campaign collapses multiple more health effects being ‘possibly’ linked

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Zika fear campain collapses - New multiple links connected to the virus

First we had the ‘possible’ link between Microcephaly and the Zika virus based on over approximated data, this poor link to the virus was soon exposed for the deception that it was and a new threat was released by the CDC – Guillain-Barré syndrome a rare paralysis disorder was reported as a possible affect caused by the Zika virus. Once again the data to connect the two was poor and few have taken the threat seriously. Well a few weeks on and the Zika propaganda seemed to of dwindled out of the media. That is, until now!

In a recent article from the Huffington Post they suggest that the Zika virus maybe responsible for a ‘host of birth defects’ .

Pregnant women who become infected with Zika virus may be at risk for not only having a child with microcephaly, but also having a fetus with other serious health issues, including problems with the nervous system and even fetal death, according to a new study from Brazil.


and if babies being born with multiple birth defects including shrunken heads and rare immune disorders doesn’t quite scare you then a new study reported on RT News is suggesting that the virus ‘may cause brain infections in adults’ . 

The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine earlier this week by a group of French researchers, gives evidence that the Zika virus is dangerous not only to newborns but to adults as well. “Clinicians should be aware that ZIKV [Zika virus] may be associated with meningoencephalitis,” the team warns.

So it seems now this virus which has been known of for well over half a century, a virus which has had multiple outbreaks around the World and has always been deemed as a ‘relatively mild infection’ with no known long term health effects is now being linked to every kind of rare health disorder known to man.

We have no doubt within the next couple weeks additional threats regarding the virus will be announced and will update this article with any new information released.

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