The Rise and Fall of the ‘False Flag’ Narrative

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The Rise and Fall of the False Flag narrative

False Flag – A false flag is a covert operation designed to deceive; the deception creates the appearance of a particular party, group, or nation being responsible for some activity, disguising the actual source of responsibility. [Wikipedia]

Lets begin with a quick history of real confirmed false flag events.

Operation Ajax

Operation Ajax was launched by the CIA in 1953 with the mission to overthrow Irans current democratically elected leader at the time, Mohammed Mosaddiq. In Mosaddiq’s place, ruthless dictator Mohammad Reza Pahlavi Shah would take the reigns of the Iranian leadership.

The United States goal was to depose Irans nationalized Anglo-Persian oil company and install 5 of their own oil companies to take over the Irans highly lucrative oil fields. To achieve this, a false flag operation was put into action that through the use of mass propaganda and highly complex political manoeuvres instigated public revolt and political destabilisation, this then opened the door to the CIA and MI6 military intelligence allowing them re-install the Shah legacy into power who would throttle oil supplies and effectively become another puppet regime of the US Government

The details surrounding this covert operation have since been declassified and can be found at theCIA archives.

This is how the CIA described Operation Ajax:

“The world has paid a heavy price for the lack of democracy in most of the Middle East. Operation Ajax taught tyrants and aspiring tyrants that the world’s most powerful governments were willing to tolerate limitless oppression as long as oppressive regimes were friendly to the West and to Western oil companies. That helped tilt the political balance in a vast region away from freedom and toward dictatorship.”

Gulf of Tonkin

The Gulf of Tonkin False Flag is probably one of the most well known covert operations by the United States Government, in a nutshell, the government pushed false information in order to manufacture a geopolitical narrative with a ready-made enemy, the North Vietnamese. The result was the deaths of millions upon millions of people on both sides of the line.

Since the event, declassified documents have revealed a number of senators knew the incident in the Gulf of Tonkin was indeed a false flag. A March 1968 closed session of the Foreign Relations Committee withheld a committee staff investigation that raised doubts over whether the Tonkin incident ever took place. 

As Senator Mike Mansfield stated:

“You will give people who are not interested in facts a chance to exploit them and to magnify them out of all proportion.”

The Lavon Affair

Just one year after Operation Ajax, Israel began their own false flag operation, Operation Susannah. This false flag operation involved Israeli Government agents planting bombs in several Egyption, American and British cinemas, libraries and educational centers – eight Egyptian Muslims were then framed as the perpetrators of the attacks.

The operation was exposed because one of the planted bombs detonated prematurely leading to the capture of one of the agents. Following a public trial the Israeli spy revealed details of the spy ring and the covert operation, all agents were convicted and two executed, the Israeli Defence Minister at the time, Pinhas Lavon was forced to step down because of the scandal.

So what was the purpose of this whole operation you maybe wondering, well the chain reaction of events that followed were quite remarkable. A
Stanford published paper wrote that:

“A retaliatory military incursion by Israel into Gaza that killed 39 Egyptians; a subsequent Egyptian–Soviet arms deal that angered American and British leaders, who then withdrew previously pledged support for the building of the Aswan Dam; the announced nationalization of the Suez Canal by Nasser in retaliation for the withdrawn support; and the subsequent failed invasion of Egypt by Israel, France, and Britain in an attempt to topple Nasser. In the wake of that failed invasion, France expanded and accelerated its ongoing nuclear cooperation with Israel, which eventually enabled the Jewish state to build nuclear weapons.”

The Rise of the False Flag Narrative

Though the above mentioned events all occurred decades ago much of the details surrounding the events only came to light in recent times and the term ‘False Flag’ itself was still, even then largely unknown to the average person. So what changed? 9/11 happened and then everything changed.

The Post 9/11 Era

Following the tragic events that unfolded on September 11th 2001 the World as we once knew it began to change forever, naivety of indefinite safety and security for ourselves and loved ones was lost, enemies were born and fear was the new direction political and media narratives would take.

However, it wasn’t to long before the obvious holes in the official narrative of what exactly occurred on that awful day began to be identified and before long an entire movement was born of people who denied the official narrative, and rightly so.

This denial of the 9/11 state-sponsored ‘story’ escalated until over half of all Americans now don’t believe the official story that was told to them by their Government. This rapid decline in trust towards the establishment and the media institutions that prop them up resulted in an uprising of independent media sources and investigative journalism, for the first time the monopolised news media channels had an opponent and it was growing fast.

For the first time, Independent News platforms were gaining audiences greater than the prehistoric mainstream media political lapdogs that had dominated the minds and hearts of the general public for centuries.

Without the constraints of corporate funding these independent media channels were able to dissect events and discuss the crimes past and present of our Governments.


The Sandy Hook Massacre

The Sandy Hook school shooting happened on December 14th, 2012. Adam Lanza went into Sandy Hook elementary school and shot dead 26 people, 20 of which were children between the ages of six and seven.

This event, however, had so many unanswered questions that people across the internet began to query whether anyone died at Sandy Hook at all. There was bizarre footage of parents laughing and smiling after their child’s death and then what seems like forced crying once they were aware the camera was rolling. No evidence of deception, but it did raise alarm bells to many and encouraged them to dig deeper.

Why do the records show no social security numbers for the dead students?

Why do the records show no report of actual shots fired?

Why does the Sandy Hook shooting crime not exist on the FBI 2012 crime report?

Why does the tax accessor’s website shows the victims’ families got free houses on Christmas day when all Government offices are closed?

We won’t go into any more detail on this particular event as an entire book would not adequately cover all the discrepancies and unanswered questions surrounding the official narrative.

The concluding narrative which was pushed by much of the Alternative Media was that this was a False Flag event, using crisis actors with the goal of producing a an emotional reaction into the hearts and minds of Americans which in turn would allow further Gun Control laws to be brought in by the US Government.

The term ‘False Flag’ was now beginning to circulate rapidly, but it wasn’t until a few months later it would really take off.

The Boston Bombing

The Boston Marathon bombing occurred just a few months after the Sandy Hook Shooting on April 15th, 2013 when two pressure cooker bombs exploded about 12 seconds apart killing 3 civilians and injuring hundreds of others, well that’s the official line at least.

So much we were being told just didn’t add up when placed under even a small amount of scrutiny and so it was no surprise that the Alternative Media were soon calling out this as a potential hoax and soon the ‘False Flag’ term was back in the public eye in full force.

We won’t go into to much detail about the Boston Bombing event, but let’s just say the story that was being pushed by the Government, the MSM and now in mainstream agreed-upon academia was so poorly constructed even a five-year-old could pick out major flaws in the narrative.

To get a better understanding of the suspicious events surrounding the Boston Bombing we highly recommend watching the extremely controversial Documentary ‘The Boston Unbombing’

The speculated motive for this False Flag was to socially engineer the general public into accepting more authoritarian security protocols and infringements on individuals privacy rights. If that was the case, it appeared to work!

By now the term ‘False Flag’ was being used everywhere in both mainstream and alternative media, historical factually confirmed false flags were getting write ups and people began to question their own Government like never before.

Google trends clearly show this huge interest in the term being searched at the times of both Sandy Hook and the Boston Bombing, though it’s clear the real spike in interest began with the Boston Bombing.

‘False Flag’ search term trending 2012 -2014

Everything is a False Flag

By this point just about every event around the World involving killings of a terrorist nature were automatically assumed to be a False Flag by a growing number of people, their theories to how the event was faked or staged varied but there was consensus that the event was not as we were told and had ulterior motives attached to it.

Of course many were most likely False Flag events, but the problem was the details were always missing from any theory presented, all that could be determined with high probability was that deception was occurring and all is not what it seems, but this opened the door to speculative theorising and assumptions.

This, though perfectly rational behaviour to anyone who has an open mind and is willing to think critically, was where the False Flag narrative began to shrink back into its dark hole, a hole where only crazy conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hat enthusiasts live.


The Fall of the False Flag Narrative

It all began really when Alex Jones’ began to come under fire for claiming that the Sandy Hook event was a hoax, what he did and didn’t say isn’t the point here, but what the Mainstream media and families of the victims of Sandy Hook claim is that Jones stated there were no dead bodies. They also claimed Alex encouraged or at the very least is responsible for the harassment and death threats the families have had to endure over the years following the loss of their children.

It all came to a head in August 2018 when Alex Jones’ Infowars empire got shut down on all the major social media platforms in a coordinated eradication of his content online. The topic of False Flags was once again back in the limelight, but this time it was a term being used in association with crazy conspiracy theorists like Jones and other disinformation outlets...

In a relatively short period of time critical thinkers and those disobedient to the acceptance of Government narratives were thrown back onto the loony tune carriage where they were pre-9/11.

The term False Flag is now considered a term thrown around by Conspiracy theorists, meanwhile forgetting the fact that ‘False Flags’ are a very real tactic used by just about every nations power structures across the World.

Christchurch Shooting False Flag?

The recent shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand as seen another onslaught of ‘False Flag’ Claims, however, because there are now so many people making so many different claims and pushing so many theories to what exactly happened, the Alternative Media has become a laughing stock, and in the eyes of the general public and their Government masters, a dangerous one at that!

With claims of the footage being merely CGI and the witnesses and families of the victims being all crisis actors, even though everything we know (which admittedly is very little) tells us this simply isn’t the case. With such wild assumptions being thrown around without a care in the World for anyone affected by the events feelings it’s no wonder censorship is falling upon us fast.

A Compromised Alternative Media

The question is though, has the Alternative Media been compromised and infiltrated by forces from without? Of course, it has, and it’s likely far more prominent than we could imagine.

False Flags are very real and they are still being used today around the World, but the divide in popular beliefs has regrouped and redivided. The traditional far-left liberal folk who once used to oppose oppression and question their Governments now support control and censorship, naivety and lack of critical thinking have become the norm and they openly condemn anyone who dares to oppose them and question their master’s narratives.


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