The Trap Down the Rabbit Hole

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Inviting, yet frightening, the darkness calls out.

Go on, have a bite it taunts, the offerings are ripe. 

The White Rabbit

Liars and cheats rule the World, this is one unequivocal fact which cannot be denied within any rational context. 

Conspiracy does exist, and it resides in every part of human society, from the family, to the workplace and right through to the upper echelons of societal governance infrastructures.

To conspire with another, against another, is an unfortunate trait which we all are capable of. It is self-perpetuating and thus has embedded itself into every aspect of society.

But while the lies seep out of every orifice, they are unseen by most; they are excused, compartmentalized, rationalised and disregarded in what is likely a natural human response to protect one’s perception of reality.

A liar knows that he is a liar, but one who speaks mere portions of truth in order to deceive is a craftsman of destruction.

Criss Jami

Cognitive Dissonance is a very real phenomenon which affects us all. Naturally we are uncomfortable when something we believed so deeply is brought into dispute.

This phenomenon is why conspirators are often so successful in manipulating others to their will.

However, if circumstances allow it, a lie can be so damningly obvious that the debilitating effects of cognitive dissonance are lifted, like a veil.

Clarity at last, you’ve ‘opened your eyes’ so to speak. But now what?

‘If they lied about that, what else could they be lying about?’

Down the Rabbit Hole

“I’m late, I’m late! For a very important date! No time to say ‘hello, goodbye,’ I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!”

– The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

‘Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me’, and so it begins, the rewriting of your own reality.

Just inside the Rabbit Hole, with the sun on your back, it soon becomes apparent that this is no mere simple rabbit dwelling for one, but more, a complex labyrinth of adjoining tunnels all leading off into their own sub-complexes of tunnel systems.

There is no shortage of mind-blowing realisations to be discovered, it’s true after all that Government, academia, media and just about every other part of our daily influential inputs since birth, have been lying to us, deceiving us and manipulating us for their own benefit, or to the benefit of those they serve.

It is this very fact, this awareness of ‘all is not what it seems’ that they are counting on.

When you know the psychology of a man, that man is yours

Take the bait, Set the Trap

The World in which we live has become ever more confusing, little makes sense, chaos appears to be the order of the day and tyrants rule the World.

There is a reason why Fantasy Fiction is the best-selling genre, escaping from reality to a magical World where courage and goodness prevail over nefarious dark entities is a stark contrast to the ‘Real World’. Or is it?

In the darkest depths of the Rabbit Hole, Alice found a World quite unlike her own, a magical World where the impossible becomes reality, where even a little girl can be the hero in the story. 

The Rabbit Hole in this World has similar offerings, you will find a new World, very much unlike the World you thought you knew.

But there is danger in the darkness, sugarcoated with truth and shining bright with promise and hope, hope for a new World, a better World. 

imagine being someplace you know so well but are lost and don’t have any idea
how to get out


Kenyatta Rogers

The Trap

 “If you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you. Is that a bargain?”

– The Unicorn, Alice in Wonderland

Once you have come to understand the true enormity of deception that has been fed to you via the education system, the Government, the media and your peers, an offering of change and fantastical revelation is hard to ignore.

We are enslaved by a small elite group of individuals who care not for humanity, right?

So when a voice calls out from the darkness offering a solution to these problems, wrapped up in an impossible story of good conquering evil against all the odds, well, who wouldn’t want to believe.

The voice begins with truths you’ve already discovered and a few more you hadn’t. A hint of hope can be heard, just out of reach, but silently promised by this new acquaintance.

You are told that later, in time, once you truly understand the scope of the problem – a solution, an answer will be given.

Hope & Promise

In the late 1980’s Harvey Francis Barnard, a Louisiana State University Graduate in Philosophy created a proposal  which he would later send to congress entitled, ‘Draining the Swamp: Monetary and Fiscal Policy Reform’, also known as the ‘National Economic Security and Recovery’ Act (NESARA)

The proposal would never pass in congress, but would live on to capture the hearts and minds of thousands around the World. It offered hope for the 99%, an end to the poverty and suffering at the hands of the Government.

Over a decade later and still no sign of Barnard’s proposal being passed by congress, he decided to release it on the internet. In 2000 he released the proposal into the public domain, then a year later the NESARA institute was formed.

NESARA is Dead, Long Live NESARA!

NESARA may have never come to fruition in Law, in fact it had not a single advocate in congress, but its legacy was just about to begin. Enter ‘Dove of Oneness’, aka Shaini Candace Goodwin.

Goodwin, or ‘Dove of Oneness’ as she called herself to her followers, took the NESARA proposal and monetized it. Goodwin claimed that the proposal was actually passed in congress, they just kept the fact secret, for now at least.

Goodwin insisted, ‘We just need to wait for the announcement’, it’s coming, just hold on a little longer!. 

The hustler knew that all that people ever wanted in the world was what they could not have, and what they had already lost.

Stuart Stromin

Wait, Just a little longer

We just need to wait for the announcement and all those who believe will live a life of perpetual prosperity. You see, the announcement of NESARA being passed by congress was prevented by the Bush administration.

George Bush plotted the 9/11 attack to prevent the announcement, but you just have to take my word for it, with no supporting evidence. Goodwin may have even convinced herself of this ridiculous conspiracy, but regardless, she conveniently pocketed tens of thousands of dollars in donations from her avid supporters.

As the announcement continued to be delayed, and delayed, Goodwin’s imagination got more bizarre with fantastical claims that a powerful group called the ‘White Nights’ were fighting a secret war against the illuminati over NESARA.

This 57-year-old former parade queen had ensnared hundreds of thousands of people around the World, many sending donations, many falling for many of the other scam off-shoots from Goodwin’s basket of tricks.

But the money wasn’t all that was lost here. While the NESARA proposal conspiracy was entirely fabricated, it relied on many real conspiracies and global problems to capture the minds and hearts of it’s supporters.

Which unfortunately discredits these real issues as they tend to end up associated with the likes of people like Goodwin and the NESARA conspiracy.

You’ll be glad to know, it’s not over. NESARA has just been revamped.

Welcome to QAnon.

“Capture their minds and their hearts and souls will follow.”


Where We Go One, We Go All

QAnon is a little like NESARA on steroids. Sugar-coated with facts, real-life Government cover-ups and the satanic-ritual abuse of children by people in power (which again has elements of truth in), mixed with outright fantastical claptrap.

It all began from a 4Chan post in October 2017 by an anonymous user called Q.

The thread entitled ‘The Calm Before The Storm’  was a series of encrypted messages from an entity claiming to be a high-level government insider with Q level clearance, hence the name. Q’s task was to drop intel to the public, these leaks of high level information he named ‘crumbs’. 

Q drew in many of the same folk who were still ‘Waiting for NESARA’ and a whole lot more. Most of Q’s posts were and still are so vague that readers took it upon themselves to build a narrative, so here is some of what they came up with:

  • A small group of individuals with nefarious intentions rule the world, also known as the Deep State.
  • Donald Trump became President to Battle this ‘Deep State’
  • JFK wasn’t killed and will return on July 4th 2020 and be announced as Trumps vice president. 
  • Donald Trump is waging a war on Elite child-sex-trafficking ring.
  • Trump and Family time travelled to save us all.
  • Hillary Clinton has been executed

Now I think we can all agree the first point is accurate, a small group of people do indeed rule the World. It is also true that this small group of people, the ‘Deep State’ are sociopathic evil scumbags. However, did Donald Trump become president to battle this evil elite?

I cannot say JFK was not killed, I wasn’t there; I have no evidence other than the infamous black & white footage we’ve all seen. But there is even less evidence to suggest he wasn’t killed and no evidence whatsoever to suggest he is going to come back as Trumps vice president.

He also missed his return date, July 4th 2020 was well over a month ago and so far, no sign of Kennedy.

Donald Trump does appear to be targeting child sex trafficking rings, however not elite-sex trafficking rings. There is a significant difference, though both are equally evil.

As for Time Travelling, well, who knows – maybe he did. Though I’m a little doubtful.

But it doesn’t matter, because the beauty of QAnon is that when things didn’t turn out as predicted you can spin the narrative a different way.  ‘Q didn’t get it wrong, we just didn’t understand what he was trying to tell us’.

Because much of the narrative behind the theory is built on mass speculation on what Q’s posts mean, it’s a virtually impossible topic to debate. Just about everything about it is built on faith. Nothing is verifiable, timescales are changeable and once you have a time machine thrown into the equation, well – what’s left to say?

The saddest part about QAnon is that one of the key topics it builds its narrative around is elite paedophile rings. These are very real and much of the information QAnon followers are sharing is important and needs to be addressed. But unfortunately this information is getting tarnished with the same brush as time-travelling Trump and JFK’s return to society.

It’s also distracted tens of thousands of people who were sharing important and rational information about corruption on social media, now by association with QAnon they have lost social credibility.

Important topics and crimes against humanity are getting entangled in a mess of fantastical theory, which begs the question to whether Q could be a high level Psyop?

It certainly is effective in distracting the masses and diverting attention. 

The Trap in The Rabbit Hole

There are many traps, too many to discuss here. But one thing they all have in common is that they form cult like followings. This is typical of most things which require faith, whether it be religion or vaccines(faith that they work).

Another big trap in recent years was the ‘Flat Earth Theory’. This consumed the hearts and minds of millions of free thinkers. 

So be careful where you step. There is much to see in the darkness, but as above, as below.

Lies and deception exist wherever you go and alternative media, internet forums, the dark web, fringe conspiracy groups are no exception.

“Everything’s got a moral, if only you can find it.”

– Alice in Wonderland

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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Ok so where are all the children? And is the underground railroad put to a stop?

Paul Revere V

Oh ye of little faith… how someone can claim the elite pedophile rings are not being targeted is beyond brain dead and has no right to assert any judgements about credibility. Unsubscribe me! WWG1WGA !


I feel the same we I like millions have seen every video read every piece of information which I feel has been deliberately placed there to give us that illusion that Donald Trump and his white hats are saving the world .. yet I’m not seeing any evidence that the elite forces are actually being captured … nor any evidence that these children are ok .. alls I’m seeing is the elderly that have been killed due to horrendous neglect and the constant control and powers that my all the governments are having over the people the suicides the police… Read more »

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