Tortured, drugged & sexually abused: Canadian woman talks about her childhood as “Duplessis Orphan” 

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A horrendous crime against children that almost no-one knows about. It reportedly took place in Canada and lasted for 2 decades starting in the 1940’s. The atrocity bears the name of Maurice Duplessis -the governor of Quebec at the time. His apparent corrupt deal with the Catholic Church opened a gruesome chapter in history- Canada still refuses to acknowledge. 300 thousand children became victims – babies taken from young mothers or kids taken mainly from poor families by Catholic institutions.

The majority of them were sold to childless families or on the black market – the price varied from 40 dollars per baby-up to 25 thousand. The rest – who bear the name “Duplessis Orphans” – were sent to psychiatric hospitals. Quebec authorities and Catholic Orders apparently received government funding for each child treated in a psychiatric facility.

Torture, slave labor, electroshock, beatings, drugs, sex abuse, lobotomies – these children were subjected to the worst things imaginable – while it seems the government and church made money. A lot of children died – and the way they were treated after death was no better.

In 1999, a mass grave was discovered – 6 Boxes with over 2,000 Human Remains. It was dubbed “Pigsty cemetery”, located next to a pig farm, which raised horrific speculation that pigs might have eaten some of the orphans’ remains. Reports suggest dead children were also sold to medical schools for autopsies-at 10 dollars per body. A survivor of this shocking policy- Duplessis Orphan Clarina Duguay and her husband Rod Vienneau shared this untold story.



Source: In the Now: YouTube



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Maggie Tuttle

In the link for the conference you will read I have added in the Duplessis children

Maggie Tuttle

Maggie Tuttle 2016 another year for we the babies and children in the care system to be abused as we have been for many centuries, we the children are begging you the Nation to come together to be our voices on the 23rd of April 2016 if not we will remain as the “Children Screaming to be Heard” the Silent Witness and here Lies the Truth. I Maggie Tuttle beg the Nation and media to attend this very important conference for victims who have been abused and still abused, there will be guest speakers who are very important people from within… Read more »


It is well known that pigs will eat human bodies and leave no trace- except for the teeth.


Paddy Doyle- Ireland– The God Squad author has penned much evidence which mirrors Canada.

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