Artificial Wombs – A Potentially Very Sinister Future

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Artificial Wombs | A Potenitally Very Sinister Future

The idea of being able to reproduce human life outside of the Womb is nothing new, in fact back in 1924 the term ectogenesis was created by J.B.S. Haldane to define this process. Here we are over 90 years later and ectogenesis is not far off a reality.

‘For the first time, scientists have managed to grow human embryos to at least 14 days old inside a petri dish. Their work has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of what makes us human—and it’s the next step on the road to completely artificial, womb-free reproduction.

In fact, it’s possible that these embryos might even have kept growing past two weeks, if the scientists did not have to terminate them for ethical reasons.’ –

Of course such a technology would allow mothers who are unable to have children a great opportunity to start a family, however aside from this obvious advantage such a technology is bundled with a whole host of potentially dire consequences.

The End of ‘The Family Unit’

The traditional ‘family unit’ has been under attack for many decades, whether you believe this is by design or by a side affect of societal advancement this fact remains the same. The sexualisation of children over the last two decades but most predominantly the last decade has played the biggest part in this, Nick Ferrari made some good points on this in an article he wrote for The Express:

In a practice that sounds like a relic from Stalinist russia or hitler’s Germany, the state now injects girls as young as 13 with drugs enabling them to have supposedly worry-free sex, while their parents do not have to be consulted or informed. School nurses aren’t allowed to apply even a sticking plaster to children in case they have a dangerous allergic reaction, but pumping schoolgirls full of hormones so they can get at it like brood mares is just dandy. 

Such a technology will allow initially allow the wealthy Hollywood types to have children without the negative cosmetic affects to their body, as technology improves and the cost of such a procedure drops it will become more widely available. All this might sound amazing to a Women, no more sickness, no more waddling, no more stretch marks, no more painful birth….. but at what cost?

Maternal Instinct is what is lost from all this, the unbreakable bond between a mother and child is formed inside the womb – to loose this would remove one of life’s greatest miracles.

Scientists have now found that the cells from their babies also reside in the Mothers brain which are transmitted during gestation:

Microchimerism most commonly results from the exchange of cells across the placenta during pregnancy, however there is also evidence that cells may be transferred from mother to infant through nursing.

In addition to exchange between mother and fetus, there may be exchange of cells between twins in utero, and there is also the possibility that cells from an older sibling residing in the mother may find their way back across the placenta to a younger sibling during the latter’s gestation. – Scientific American

If you also consider that a Child’s personality is vastly impacted by its time within the Womb, a safe secure environment, the beating of it’s mothers heart, the thrumming flow of her blood, the sound of other family members voices. No artificial womb can re-create this, and the long term affects for the child are unknown.

And something far more Sinister

But there are potentially far more sinister aspects to this technology. If you follow the news, you would have seen recently Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel talking about how he believes the Blood of the young can make you live longer. Baby’s blood has long been thought to increase longevity of life and science is now backing up this theory.

Using young children and babies is common in Satanic rituals throughout history, such practices still happen in the 21st century, they may be publicised as a hoax or be entirely covered up, but they happen and more than you’d probably believe.

In the following clip Vicki Polin’s talks about her family who were involved in Satanic rituals, sacrifice and cannibalism dating back to the 16th century up to present day.

In a more recent case two children caught on film for several hours talked in detail about how their father was the leader of a Satanic cult and drank the blood of babies, according to the children Teachers, Police, Councillors, Social Services were all part of this ‘Satanic Ring’ – Of course the case was dismissed as a hoax by the same Police department that were allegedly involved in the ring:

Ricky Dearman was alleged to have been the leader of a satanic cult in north London which imported and killed babies from across the world by his own children in videos which were shared across the internet.

There are thousands of reported cases of Satanic Rituals, many of which include the drinking of babies’ blood.

There is always a market for young life, whether it be for the Elite Satanic Paedophiles, whether it be for trading, slavery, testing new drugs just to name a few.

The ability to create human life without Natural pregnancy opens the floodgates to thousands of possibilities for those without a conscience.

So before you jump on the bandwagon of praise and excitement for this imminent technology, think about where it is going to take us as a specie.

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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Katina Masura Anglin

I think we’re really overstepping the boundaries here. For the many other reasons mentioned and for one concern in particular: lack of empathy. If a child has no connections to humanity how can it relate? Some of the world’s most nototrious killers are said to have lacked empathy. I don’t see how it can be had if a basic view of one’s self is that you are not of a human being. Personally speaking, I see us heading to a mass market of disposables for which there are no names, just serial numbers and barcodes, who have no empathy and… Read more »


It is a bad sign in every possible way. Anything done at this stage if done for bad. And we are all just done for. I know, I know, many tell me I am quite the optimist. It just comes natural to me 😛

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