Graphene Oxide & Vaccines – What Do We Know?

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In the past few weeks we have seen increasing concerns over the use of Graphene Oxide in the Covid-19 Vaccines, specifically the Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA vaccine. This alleged conspiracy theory arose after an unofficial analysis of a Pfizer vial seemed to suggest over 98% of the vial solution was made from the substance.

But is there any truth to the claims, or is this just misinformation distracting us from the real concerns?

Well, let’s start at the beginning. The following has been circulating the free and open internet circuits over the past few days. It is an Interview with Dr. Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show about the findings in this unofficial analysis of a Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination vial:

A full report of the analysis of the Pfizer vial can be downloaded in Spanish HERE[1].

For those who can understand Spanish, there is also an interview with Dr. Sevillano on the findings in this vial analysis. You can watch this interview below:

The Ministry of Truth

It didn’t take long of course, for our friends over at the ministry of truth to jump on this and mark all references to the claim as ‘FALSE’.

However, for those that bother to read these self-appointed arbiters of truth statements you quickly realise that ‘FALSE’ is not the conclusion, but rather, INCONCLUSIVE.

So, lets take a look at what Science Feedback[2] at to say on the graphene oxide debacle:

There is no evidence that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine contains graphene. The only sample used in the study is of unknown origin and traceability. Lists of the vaccine’s ingredients released by Pfizer-BioNTech do not include graphene oxide. The analysis, done using electron microscopy, is also inconclusive. – Science Feedback[2]

I’ll translate that for you. There is no evidence supplied by Pfizer that the vaccine contains Graphene Oxide. They also state that the analysis done by the electron microscope is inconclusive. Which is true, we need further tests on another vial to see if the same results are found.

The fact checker also raises doubts of the origin of the vial analysed, which I’d agree is a fair comment, but I’d also argue this isn’t proof that the analysis is FALSE.

So, to be clear, this Graphene Oxide story is being debunked based on the following points:

  • Origin of the Pfizer Vial is unknown
  • A single analysis by electron microscope isn’t conclusive
  • Pfizer do not list Graphene Oxide in their list of ingredients

This is not evidence that it doesn’t exist, it is simply pointing out that the analysis needs replicating and verifying. But of course no such suggestion is made to do so.

What is Graphene Oxide?

GRAPHENE OXIDE (GO)is the oxidized form of graphene. It is a single-atomic-layered material that is formed by the oxidation of graphite which is cheap and readily available. Graphene oxide is easy to process since it is dispersible in water and other solvents. Due to the oxygen in its lattice graphene oxide is not conductive, but it can be reduced to graphene by chemical methods. –[3]

Interestingly, the use of Graphene Oxide in Vaccines has been discussed for some time, not evidence that it is being used, but it does give credence to the claim. Here are just a couple of the discussion points surrounding the use of Graphene Oxide in vaccines.

….there is an urgent need to develop new all-purpose adjuvants because some adjuvants approved for human use have limited functionality. Graphene oxide (GO), widely employed for the delivery of biomolecules, excels in loading and delivering antigen and shows the potentiality of activating the immune system.

However, GO aggregates in biological liquid and induces cell death, and it also exhibits poor bio-solubility and biocompatibility. To address these limitations, various surface modification protocols have been employed to integrate aqueous compatible substances with GO to effectively improve its biocompatibility. – Science Direct[4]

Benefiting from their unique physicochemical properties, graphene derivatives have attracted great attention in biomedicine. In this study, we carefully engineered graphene oxide (GO) as a vaccine adjuvant for immunotherapy using urease B (Ure B) as the model antigen. –[5]

It is also worth noting that the use of Graphene Oxide has also been discussed in regards to COVID-19 PPE:

The present study strongly recommends GO as a potential material that can be used in manufacturing sophisticated protective gear such as PPE and face masks, which could capture and neutralize viral particles. GO could also act as an effective antiviral drug delivery platform. –[6]

Graphene Oxide Safety Concerns

I guess none of this really matters if the use of Graphene Oxide is safe. So what does science currently state about the toxicity of Graphene Oxide.

Well, here is an excerpt from a document available for download on the[7] website:

…there are two main safety factors to consider regarding exposure to CNTs and graphene. The first is their ability to generate a response by the body’s immune system; the second is their ability to cause inflammation and cancer. –[7]

In a study entitled, Stability and Transport of Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles in Groundwater and Surface Water'[8] it was concluded that Graphene Oxide could be the contaminant of the future.

Here is an excerpt from Forbes which covered this back in 2014:

….Lanphere found that it was a powerful environmental contaminant.

When released into ground water, which tends to be harder and contains less organic material, graphene quickly becomes unstable and either settles or is removed from water. But in water above ground, it remains stable and quickly disperses.

If it was a harmless substance, this wouldn’t be so problematic. But another study  last year found that if human beings ingest graphene, it could slice into cells and play havoc with the contents.Forbes[9]

This synthetic compound is still relatively new to science and its use cases and potential health and environmental effects are still relatively unknown. But what we do know is that it generates a very strong immune response in the body(because it definitely shouldn’t be there),it causes cancer and it is highly contaminant to the water supply.

Graphene Oxide and 5G

As always a link to 5G has been made my much of the fringe alternative media, often with what seems like baseless and highly dubious claims. So, what’s the connection?

Much of the claims are based around a study from 2018 entitled, Millimeter wave absorbing property of flexible graphene/acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber composite in 5G frequency band[9]:

It was found that, 3h-RGO/NBR presented the minimum RL of −45 dB at 35.4 GHz while 7h-RGO/NBR exhibited the widest effective bandwidth (<-10 dB) about 6.5 GHz. In addition, the mechanical properties of composites were also improved by RGO. Therefore, the obtained RGO/NBR composites displayed promising prospect as elastic MMW absorbing materials for 5G applications. –[9]

In a nutshell Graphene Oxide has high MMW absorbtion properties. What the impact of this is within the body is anyones guess, but I’d suggest this is where any radical conspiracy regarding graphene oxide any 5G comes from. For example this statement was made by

There is a connection between 5G antennas and the “vaccine”. Graphene is manipulated from the outside, that is possible with the new technology. Graphene frequencies are included in the 5G bandwidth and people receiving this misnamed “vaccine” are being inoculated with graphene oxide, which becomes magnetic in contact with hydrogen from biomolecules. That is, it becomes magnetic once inside the body. This can happen the same day of inoculation, days, weeks and up to 3 months later; and it is not only restricted to the inoculation area. –[10]

As with just about everything surrounding COVID-19, vaccines and 5G, we really don’t know a great deal. With so much financial interest in it all, everything is obscured behind a curtain of confusion.

While this statement from Orwell may seem a little radical, and they fail to provide any links to evidence that may support such a claim, it really isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Though I’d suggest not sharing this theory just yet. I think sticking with what we know about graphene oxide and the known interest of the compound by both the vaccine industry and the telecommunications industry is quite enough to get people thinking.

Is Graphene Oxide Making People magnetic?

Well, this of course depends entirely on whether Graphene Oxide is in the vaccines. But let us assume it does, then could graphene oxide be the cause of this strange phenomenon.

On its own, Graphene Oxide is not magnetic. There is however, something called MGO(Magnetic Graphene Oxide). Interestingly, this MGO compound does pop up in a study published just last month entitled, ‘Effect of magnetic graphene oxide on cellular behaviors and osteogenesis under a moderate static magnetic field'[11]:

Results showed that the synthetic MGO particles were bio-compatible and could significantly improve the osteogenesis of BMSCs under SMF, as verified by elevated alkaline phosphatase activity, mineralized nodule formation, and expressions of mRNA and protein levels. – Pubmed[11]

But even more related to the topic in hand is this study, entitled Manipulative magnetic nanomedicine: the future of COVID-19 pandemic/endemic therapy'[12]:

Such MMN has the capabilities to recognize and eradicate the SARS-CoV-2 virus to manage COVID-19 infection and symptoms. Besides, due to the flexibility of using the therapeutic agent of choice, these manipulative nanomedicines can be designed and developed as long-acting therapy for COVID-19 infection where anti-virus and immune-supportive agents can stay longer in the body without causing any side-effects. – tandfonline[13]

Here is another interview with Dr. Jane Ruby about MMN and the COVID-19 vaccines:

Make of this what you will, I can not confirm or deny anything of what Dr. Jane Ruby is claiming. What I can say though is the technology and implementation of Magnetic Nano Particles in medicine is something which has been openly discussed and studied in mainstream science for some time.

The only question that really remains is whether it is indeed in the vaccines. 

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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