Voices Beamed Directly Into Your Ear

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Voices beamed directly into your ear

MIT Scientists have managed to use a laser to transmit audio at distance directly into an individuals ear. The audio is so localised that no other individual in the vicinity of the target would be able to hear any of the signal.

“Our system can be used from some distance away to beam information directly to someone’s ear,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology research Charles M. Wynn said in a press release. “It is the first system that uses lasers that are fully safe for the eyes and skin to localize an audible signal to a particular person in any setting.” – Futurist.com

This groundbreaking technology is being hailed as something new and cutting edge, however, the truth is such a technology was dreamed up many decades ago. In a document entitled ‘Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications’ from 1975 they talk about ‘Direct communication of speech via appropriate modulation of microwave energy’, which according to the documents had been demonstrated by Sharp and Grove.

So baring in mind such a technology was already functioning back in 1975, thats over 40 years ago we can only imagine just how far these technologies have progressed.

Targeted Induviduals

The implications of this technology are frightening especially when you consider it’s entirely possible it has been available for decades. If you’ve ever watched the Documentary from VICE about ‘Targeted Individuals’ and thought ‘these guys are nuts!’, you may start to rethink your conclusion on their statements.

The article from Futurist.com gives an explanation to the sorts of use cases such technology could be useful for:

‘They believe further research will allow them to scale up the transmission distance, which could make the technique useful in dangerous situations, such during a mass shooting — authorities could beam instructions directly to individuals without anyone else hearing them.’

Interesting to say the least. Realistically the number of good ways this can be used is minimal, however the negative ways it can be used are virtually endless.

So, the next time you hear someone say they hear voices in their head, don’t automatically assume they are Schizophrenic!



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