World’s first ‘Sex Robot Unboxing Video’ – Featuring ‘Smart Privates’ and Creepy X-Mode App

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We’ve talked about AI Sex Dolls before and how companies like Realbotix plan to make sex dolls a part of every day life, before in a previous article, well the company have just uploaded a video showing the first unboxing of one of their Robotic creations.

The robots themselves are built by tech firm Realbotix, which is a subdivision of the Californian based company Realdoll who already make inanimate love dolls.

The video shows Matt McMullen, the boss of Realbotix, removing the dolls head and being attached to a silicon body using a screwdriver. He then attaches a silicon insert which can be connected to the smart-app. This electronically-powered flesh insert, which resembles a woman’s privates can help harmony get ‘charged on the go’ using Qi power pads.

Harmony is a lifelike robotic head that attaches onto silicon bodies, and can talk to you, crack jokes, and even recall facts from previous conversations. This mechanical head is powered by a smartphone app that’s loaded with artificial intelligence software. [source]

The smartphone app is essentially an AI-driven piece of software which connects to the Harmony head allowing the owner to get more intimate with the doll and build a relationship. The robot even features a new “X-Mode” which allows users to connect to Harmony’s sensory inputs.

With the X-Mode enabled Harmony will be able to detect movement and orientation making her even more life like. She will be able to detect what positions shes in and what kind of movements are being forced upon her, giving the user a more “life like” experience.

Bobbi Banks, neuroscientist and relationship coach said in an interview that:

“Forming romantic and sexual relationships with robots will be widespread by 2050. The way we experience love and connection today is changing. Technology is so intertwined in our day-to-day lives that I have already seen a significant rise in the number of long-distance and online-relationships. People report feeling close and emtionally connected to their romantic partner but also say that not being able to see each other creates feelings of jealousy and uncertainty of the stability of the relationship”. [source]

In Japan many are getting concerned about the rise of these very life like sex robots and worry that the Japanese are becoming an endangered species:

This worrying trend of sex doll addiction has been revealed in an RT documentary called Substitutes.

It focuses on how life-size love dolls – fake versions of women with silicon vaginas – are fuelling “a national mood of loneliness and alienation”.

You can watch the full Documentary entitled ‘Substitutes’ below:

The BBC also recently did a report into the growing number of sex doll brothels popping up around Europe as this sexual desire for robotic sexual relations becomes more popular:



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