British MP Drops Bombshell In Paliament Including Industrial Scale Child Rape

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British MP Drops Bombshell In Paliament Including Industrial Scale Child Rape

Source: Justice Denied

John Mann MP stood up in a near empty parliamentary room and dropped a bombshell.

He revealed the name of the man behind industrial scale child rape, torture and murder. That name was  George Kennedy Young  MI6 chief.

GK Young was a close friend of MI6 officer, Times and Telegraph Journalist and Russian agent Kim Philby.  Philby’s great friend was James Jesus Angleton CIA head of counter-intelligence.  Philby was put in charge of the ‘stay behind units’  for the intelligence Organization now referred to as Gladio which ran parallel to NATO’s official intelligence organisation.

This clandestine intelligence organisation via its ‘stay behind units’  ran groups of terrorists, which also included the  Provisional  IRA. These terrorist cells headed by former SS officers committed terrorist atrocities throughout  Europe, blaming them on the far left. Gladdio also ran illegal arms to its terrorist groups and embargoed nations. It worked closely with the Mafia through links established during World War II  and was involved in the trafficking of drugs arms and pornography.

GK Young was also a close associate of  Anthony Cavendish MI6 officer, journalist and banker. Cavendish was a lifelong friend of homosexual MI6 chief Maurice Oldfield a principle perpetrator involved in the abuse of boys in the Kincora scandal. Oldfied was a close friend of Julian Amery MP  who was the mentor of Jonathan Aitken MP.  John Major made Aitken Defence Minister a position he used to facilitate the sale of illegal arms and bolster the profits of his private Bank Aitken Hume.

Both  Aitken and Amery were involved in selling arms to Iraq illegally and  Amery was up to his neck in the BCCI scandal along with Callahan.   Aitken was close to Geoffrey Tantum MI6  and associate of Alan Clarke MP.  Clarke was also involved in arms to Iraq and shielded by convicted paedophile Max Clifford. Clifford said he had evidence on Clark of child abuse but this did not save Clifford from prison.

What is notable is that all the above were involved in a shadowy intelligence group called Le Cercle which group is even today responsible for coordinating various deceptions, terrorist outrages and cover-ups.  It was le Cercle behind the recent grotesque cover-up of the cover-up. Using their old corrupt media friends, BBC- Panorama, the Telegraph, The Times and the Mail.

Le Cercle organised the persecution of  Deputy Labour Leader Tom Watson because of his effective exposure of the Westminster Paedophile Ring.  They arranged a media explosion of sympathy for VIP Paedophiles like the former Home Secretary Sir  Leon Britten QC.

The tactics of the cover-up were dredged up and the public were subjected to a diatribe of disinformation and spin. Honest MP’s started to fear for their careers if they supported any investigation into the Westminster paedophile ring.   This led directly to John Mann MP addressing an almost empty parliamentary room and being strictly warned by the finger waging Chair not to reveal names.

Le Cercle has associations with the notorious extreme Right Wing   ‘Monday Club’  who’s members are frequently named as paedophiles. This is just one of the shadowy groups, organisations and clubs affiliated to or created by Le Cercle.   Meetings held in secret, exclusive clubs and lodges are the places where plots are hatched and cover-ups organised.

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So how did the rape and murder of vulnerable children spread through-out  Europe and America like wild fire?

Following the end of WW11  we witnessed a growing, now billions dollar, industry in the images of rape and torture and even murder of little children by adults.

Recently it has been made public that those who participate in this heinous and most grotesque of sexual appetites come from the very top of the social structure. They are the elite, the favoured, the rich and the powerful.

Otto von Habsburg, key founder of Le Cercle, head of the Paneuropa Union and one of the most central players in the underground Vatican-Paneuropa network including the infamous Opus Dei.  Habsburg was of royal blood with links to the Royal families of Europe.  He was also a front man and paedophile.

Le Cercle grew out of the second world war when chaos reigned in Europe. The Vatican were secretly delivering Nazi Officers to Argentina and other parts of South America. This eventually led to the suffering of Argentinian people in the ‘Junta’ where paramilitary death squads murdered 30,000  suspected left wing activists.

Rinehart Gehlen was pivoted by the OSS from being  Hitler’s Russian intelligence chief to a key position in Western Intelligence.  Gehlen went on the form the CIA, Argentina’s intelligence service, Egypt’s intelligence service and in 1954 he was made the head of the newly formed German intelligence service the  BND.

Operation paperclip saw the UK, the USA and Russia absorb  Nazi officers and scientists into their own intelligence and military industries.  Star wars was a direct result of the work of Nazi scientists. Former Nazi Von Brun was the architect behind  USA rocket science

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