Failed child sex abuse inquiry members trousered more than £150,000 – Sun Nation

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Massive lump of taxpayer’s cash handed out without any findings to show for it.

Are we really surprised by the lack of success in the investigation ?

Members of a failed inquiry into historic child sex abuse shared more than £150,000, SunNation can reveal.

The massive sum of taxpayer’s cash was handed to people who sat on the chaotic probe – without producing any public findings.

It was set up by Home Secretary Theresa May in July 2014 to investigate how state institutions failed to protect kids from paedophiles in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal.

But it collapsed in farce seven months later after the first two chairs – Baroness Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf – were forced to resign amid links to the establishment.

During that time an eight-strong panel, along with a lawyer and adviser, held a series of hearings but their findings have not been made public.

Instead they have handed a report to Mrs May – who pledged it would be a private document to help a new probe led by New Zealand judge Dame Lowell Goddard which began work in July.

Only two of the original eight panel members have been retained on the new inquiry, while former adviser Alexis Jay has become a panel member.

A written Parliamentary question by Labour’s Shadow Home Office Minister Diana Johnson revealed panel members were paid a total of £157,145.18 up to April this year.

The Home Office said “almost all” of the money covered the old inquiry.

The eight panel members – Sharon Evans, Ivor Frank, Dame Moira Gibb, Professor Jenny Pearce, Dru Sharpling, Prof Terence Stephenson, Graham Wilmer, Barbara Hearn – were paid £565-a-day each whenever they met.

Ms Johnson said: “These figures raise further questions about Theresa May’s handling of the child abuse inquiry.

“It’s clear large payments were made to panel members at a time when little appears to have happened.

“But at the same time we know that services to support survivors of abuse are closing because of lack of funding.”

How we even thought it would be a good idea to allow the Government to set up a investigation team to investigate the alleged crimes that very same Government committed – Oh I do apologise we have no say in any of the processes involved in the running of our Country, that’s the responsibility of the criminals in Parliament .

Source: Failed child sex abuse inquiry members trousered more than £150,000 – Sun Nation



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