Insiders Say FBI Has Enough Evidence To Charge Hillary Clinton 

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Hillary Clinton & Henry Kissinger Emails

According to two sources, the FBI have enough evidence to bring a case against Hillary Clinton.

As of now, at least 671 emails that Mrs. Clinton sent or received through her private server contained classified material. Two reached the highest classified designation, which is top secret. I am told that that particular document is an open and shut violation. I’m also told that the FBI Director James Comey is personally overseeing and directing this investigation and as of now, they do have enough to build a case against her if they so choose on two issues: One, gross negligence of the mishandling of classified data; and two, obstruction, multiple counts.

Mrs. Clinton’s defense that the emails were not classified at the time she accessed them will not save her.

Hillary Clinton Video Transcript

Bill, you’re talking about classified material that may or may not have been stamped classified at the time, but that material was in intelligence circles known as “born classified,” meaning that the information contained therein was so sensitive that it was assumed to be classified. And as secretary of state, she must have known that.

Bill O’Reilly opined that the investigation would disappear due to governmental intimidation, which ironically, could also prove to be the kiss of death.

O’Reilly: Alright, if they don’t indict her, and the evidence is there that they could, that will become public though.

Crowley: And that will be devastating.

The guest attorney surmised that even with top secret emails, Attorney General Loretta Lynch may not go after a prosecution.

The emails to me, look like a violation. But she has to reach the standard of what we call, gross negligence. But she can’t take it to trial for headlines, and she can’t take it to trial for sport, Bill. She’s got to do it based off of evidence in front of her. I think that she should, I think Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted. I do not think legally there’s enough there to get that standard and I think she won’t.

Should Hillary Clinton be prosecuted? Do you think she’ll be protected by the government?

Source: Insiders Say FBI Has Enough Evidence To Charge Hillary Clinton – YouTube



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