Gordon Anglesea Trial Date and Delay

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It was reported in early August 2015 that Gordon Anglesea’s trial had been arranged for  September. However the shock to most people was that it was not September 2015 but the provisional trial date was fixed for September 5, 2016. [1]

Many people are asking questions along the lines  “Why is a trial in which the defendant is a 78 year old man have to be delayed for over a year? It appears to make no sense.”

This works both ways. If a man is innocent then it is unfair to keep him waiting that long. Conversely if he is guilty then he may evade justice by dying before he gets to be tried.Victims would be denied justice.

In cases of child sexual abuse, the victims of a child sexual abuse case may have had excruciating memories from their childhood, previously repressed or contained, brought back into their conscious mind by police interviews. They are likely to be having flashbacks and nightmares and reliving the abuse time and time again, and being driven out of their minds again..and they are being made to wait this absurdly long period of time?

Victims lives on hold whilst the powers that be play. The likelihood is that these people have been let down multiple times before by various authorities, including the justice system. Somehow most keep going and doing what they are asked to do in the name of justice at a tremendous cost to themselves.

Victims do this in the hope that children in future do not have go through what they themselves have been through. A truely noble aim derailed by a grubby and opaque system. Treated like dirt again, as pawns in a system that does not consider them.

In this case some witnesses are likely to have been waiting since before Anglesea’s first arrest (of this current investigation) in Dec 2013.

North Wales child sexual abuse has been subject of various inquiries and cover ups, allegations of high profile people involved [14], children trafficked to London [13], intelligence service involvement as well as police refusal to cooperate with inquiries, allegation of police involvement in abuse and freemasonry involvement.

Many peoples are suspicious that the establishment or powers that be, are contriving for delay so that defendants die, can be killed, or diagnosed with dementia; and victims and witnesses die, withdraw from the process or be otherwise discredited

Delay will help stop the truth of child sexual abuse and its extent from coming out and mean justice is otherwise subverted so that guilty high profile figures are protected and any fallout is limited. Delay is a win win for the establishment and the guilty.

Source: cathyfox blog



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