Hunting Children in Kent – Operation Middleton

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Source: Cathy Fox

Another victim’s story from Operation Middleton the police decided to shelve was “Vicki’s”. They shelved it as they thought the description of the area did not match the real description.

The story was that children were released with a head start and hunted with dogs. Vicki survived but others did not.

Clive instigated and proved it did match but the area had changed in the interim.


The police found body parts but there was no investigation! Evidence also had “gone missing”.driscollbook08More evidence just “vanished” from the police investigators desk…Vicki killed herself. That saved the police having to investigate.

driscollbook09 a gift of a tie …driscollbook11

So who are the Catholic Guild?

No organisation of that name appeared in my searches. But one did come up called the Catholic Police Guild [3] [4] [See appendix 1 after the links]

I have no idea if this is the organisation that Clive was given a tie for. I have no idea if this is the organisation who used funny hand signals in meetings with Clive about Lambeth childrens homes.

However the Met do have an overwhelming influence upon the Catholic Police Guild as 7 of their last 8 chairman have been from the Metropolitan Police [4]


Source: Hunting Children in Kent | cathyfox blog



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