Minister Admits Syrian Passport ‘Likely Planted’ at Scene of Paris Attacks

by | Nov 19, 2015 | Corruption, Government, Terrorism, World at War, World News | 0 comments

As the ‘Syrian Passport’ meme spread like wildfire through the western media and various political corridors, a viral wave was triggered – and mass hysteria swept through western political institutions, prompting calls to shut European borders, and was predictable seized upon by Republican Party candidates in the US who were all-too eager to assuage the fears of their supporters and constituents who were worked-up into a frenzy by an irresponsible mainstream media. Some marginal GOP presidential candidates even called for shutting America’s borders.


As 21WIRE pointed out previously, just as the media unveiled its Magic Passport leg of the story last Saturday, no sooner did they withdraw it, before taking rear guard action claiming that the passports were ‘fake’, or forgeries. For anyone with a brain, this should have been a huge red flag, but for the legions of overpaid media operatives – it was just another blind turn in an increasingly unbelievable story.

Source: MEDIA DUPED: Minister Admits Syrian Passport ‘Likely Planted’ at Scene of Paris Attacks



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