VIP Historic Child Abuse Victims become the Guilty as Establishment turn the tables

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Over the last few weeks we have seen how the Establishment intend to deal with their Historic Child Abusing, we see the media’s headlines change from targeting the accused to targeting the victims.

‘Grave doubts’ emerge over key witness’s claim that he saw boys murdered.Senior figures in the separate judge-led public inquiry into historic child sex abuse and in the Crown Prosecution Service have been told informally that there appears to be no substance to the allegations made by a witness known only as ‘Nick’. –

Then last week we see from the Telegraph two more articles questioning victims validity because of their own previous run ins with the law:

‘VIP child abuse ring’ accuser served time in prison for fraud
A list of public figures accused of child abuse, which was circulated on the internet, was drawn up by a former social worker jailed in 2011 for his part in a fraud – The Telegraph

Questions mount over ‘troubled’ key witness in VIP abuse murder inquiry
Man known as ‘Darren’, who claimed to have witnessed paedophile gang killings, was jailed for making hoax bomb calls and falsely confessed to murder – The Telegraph

So that is  three big cases which they are now trying to drop in just three weeks. The tables have turned and the Witch hunt is being reversed.  Upon the first article of this nature a few weeks back that arose we at OYE did state that you should expect more of these VIP Child Abuse Victims to be Victimised, but even we did not expect quite such a rapid turn around.

All these articles are of course leading up to the BBC’s panorama episode on VIP Historic Child Abuse which is to be aired tomorrow (6/10/2015) at 22:35 on the BBC.

The Mirror have released an article this morning stating that there are concerns that the Documentary will stop reports of Child Abuse coming forward as the BBC have attempted to discredit many of the Victims in the Documentary.

The title of the Panorama episode is enough to suggest they will attempt to put an end to these Historic Child Abuse Claims and condemn the innocent:

Panorama – The VIP Paedophile Ring: What’s the Truth?  

The big question is Will the general population accept this new slant on Historic Child Abuse within the Establishment ?

Unfortunately the majority will, much of the populous still treat mainstream media as the holy grail of credibility, even though they’ve been caught lying, they’ve been caught covering up paedophilia, War Crimes, Murder – but still the majority of ‘British’ people do not want to accept that our own Leaders, our Government, the very system to which we remain a slave too is Sexually Abusing Children on a grand scale. 

Please I urge everyone to watch Panorama and see their manipulative, brainwashing agenda for what it is most likely to be, they claim a fair balanced programme will be aired. We doubt this very much.

We will be covering the episode in an article on Wednesday, breaking down the Documentary bit by bit.




Ceribalius is a pseudonym used by one of our writers, he/she is a digtial nomad and dedicated fighter of freedom and liberty. If there is something that needs saying which no one else is, he/she is the one to do it.
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