‘Witch Hunt’ – The abusers ‘Get out of jail free’ card

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The continuing campaign to put an end to VIP Child Abuse claims is evident in today’s article from the ‘Daily Mail’ – Their front page article today was an article titled : I’m the latest victim of sex abuse witch-hunt, says ex-MP: VIP police quiz former backbencher.

A former MP became the latest victim of Labour’s child sex abuse ‘witch-hunt’ yesterday.

Detectives questioned him for three hours over claims he raped girls as young as six while uniformed police kept watch.

Esther Baker, 32, waived her right to anonymity earlier this year to claim she was one of several children abused by the politician. She alleges she was molested during the 1980s and 1990s in woods in Staffordshire and at Dolphin Square in London. The exclusive block near Parliament is at the centre of another police inquiry. – Daily Mail

In the lead up to the BBC Panorama episode on VIP Child Abuse we saw the beginning of this campaign begin to take place, then with the airing of the programme itself last week we see the campaign in full effect.

The media have given any alleged abusers immunity to prosecution via their brainwashing campaigns. This is not to say innocent people are not also being victimised – but just because someone denies the accusation and shouts ‘Witch Hunt!’ doesn’t mean they are indeed innocent.

Is it so hard to believe someone who has a history of crimes against Children may have the ability to be cunning, to be deceitful and very good at it?

The intention is clear – If you accuse anyone within the establishment or someone of importance connected to the establishment you will become the accused, you are the liar, your are a fantasist.


Source: Esther Baker is ‘the latest victim of sex abuse witch-hunt’ | Daily Mail Online



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