Woolwich Killings, Chris Spivey & Freedom of Speech

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The Prosecution of Chris Spivey.
Who is Chris Spivey?
Chris Spivey is a British online journalist responsible for most of the writing on the popular Chris Spivey the World Put Right website. An irreverent and coarse blast of truth in the face of wicked minions of the British Establishment.
What has happened?
Chris Spivey was recently convicted in a British court of the crime of Harassment in relation to his investigation into the alleged killing of British soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich, London in May 2013.
I  have read all the mainstream media coverage on this case that I could find, and the Crown Prosecution Service media release yet in all honesty the specific nature of Spivey’s crime is completely unclear.
The prosecution of Chris Spivey appears to have been a completely cynical manipulation of the law in order to persecute an individual who speaks numerous uncomfortable truths about the British establishment and to serve as a warning to others.
It is clear that part of the case against Chris Spivey relates to material posted on his website and the views he expressed about the Woolwich incident.
The CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) states that:
“The prosecution’s case was that the combination of the postings, containing a mixture of grossly offensive remarks about the Rigby family, upsetting assertions surrounding the murder, and the publication of details of two of the family’s homes, could not be justified under freedom of speech”
A Breach of Chris Spivey’s Human Rights.
Regardless of what happened in Woolwich there is no doubt that any prosecution that uses the fact that Spivey expressed contrary opinions as part of the evidence is completely unacceptable and represents a breach of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the EU Human Rights Charter as these unambiguously proclaim the right to freely express political views.
The EU Charter states in Article 10 that “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion.”
Article 11 is more explicit
“Article 11 Freedom of expression and information
1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers.
2. The freedom and pluralism of the media shall be respected.”
If Britain’s corrupt and fetid leadership do not support the central tenets of the EU Charter they should explain why this is the case and begin immediate steps to withdraw from the EU and the United Nations. The British legal system is clearly operating in a manner that is at odds with the fundamental tenets of human rights as stated in both the EU Charter and the UN Declaration. Declaration of Human Rights.
A Flawed Process.
Another extraordinary disqualifying fact is that there is no evidence that any of the alleged victims of the harassment made any attempts to curtail Spivey’s activities although the prosecution alleges these acts took place over almost a year.
There are a series of routine actions that are taken in order to curtail perceived harassment that come prior to criminal prosecution. None of these steps appear to have been taken in this case. It remains entirely unclear who or what prompted the police action.
It is also worth noting that the alleged victims did not appear before the court, all the evidence tendered was provided by the police who were the only witnesses.
Spivey was thus convicted without his counsel having the opportunity to question the witnesses against him in another clear breach of all legal norms and traditions, and a denial of natural justice.
If the alleged victim was so upset by Spivey’s claims why did the alleged victim take no action to curtail Spivey’s actions or simply ignore Spivey’s posts which had no material impact on her whatsoever and no realistic prospect of doing so?
Let’s assume that the Woolwich incident was authentic and that Spivey is wrong.
What is the harm done? No-one was being threatened, no-one was being harassed at all. Rigby’s mother claims she was living in fear for weeks after Spivey claimed the event was a hoax. If this is the case that is deeply regrettable but nothing Spivey ever wrote or did EVER gave any reasonable grounds for the perception of threat. None.
The fact that Spivey is right, undoubtedly correct in the broad claim that Woolwich was a stage-managed and fabricated bit of psychological warfare against the people of Britain does not even matter. Even if Spivey was completely wrong, the prosecution would still be malicious, politically motivated and illegitimate.
The absurdity here is completely obvious. Do you think the woman with the shopping may have gone the other way home perhaps? Look at the
The absurdity here is completely obvious. Do you think the woman with the shopping may have gone the other way home perhaps? Look at the “killers” right hand.
There is in fact no possibility whatsoever that the Woolwich incident was an authentic terrorist attack or anything of the sort. Analysis of the Woolwich event, even crude preliminary analysis makes it absolutely clear that there is no way known that this is anything more than a Benny Hill standard piece of street theatre constructed and executed extremely poorly in full public view.
Woolwich was made for TV, with multiple cameras filming multiple takes, terrible special effects and a c grade cast of players.
The way to prove Woolwich manufactured is very simple. Watch it.
Woolwich killers being shot charging police,extended footage
Note that there is no blood present and that all the blood we see on the “killer” at all times has been digitally inserted. Something that is hard to miss because it also all disappears at certain stages of the event.
There is no good part of the story, none.
This is from the mainstream coverage of the case. The digital job was clearly very rushed and terribly shoddy. The lack of paint on the clothing was a major blunder. It is absurd.
This is from the mainstream coverage of the case. The digital job was clearly very rushed and terribly shoddy. The lack of paint on the clothing was a major blunder. It is absurd.
The bad actor delivering the silly speech with the digitally inserted blood on his hands.
The terrorist killer who throws down his knife as he runs at the police and leaps through the air theatrically and positions himself halfway across the road where he moves his legs to cover the spot cues the handlers have left at the spot.
Oh dear! The chaps and chapettes of special effects had a short nap. These are the real hands of the man.
Oh dear! The chaps and chapettes of special effects had a short nap. These are the real hands of the man.


Empathy and common sense.
Imagine yourself on a street where a man has just been butchered by Jihadist nutters who are standing in the street armed with knives and firearms. You are out shopping in your local area, you eave the supermarket and you are  waking home and you notice a dead body lying in the street and two large men prancing about with weapons.
Do you walk down that street, past the dead body in the middle of the road, past the knife wielding “blood spattered” large men ranting in the street or do you think you might walk home down a different street?
That’s right, you walk home down a different street. Except in Woolwich, where numerous shoppers walk blithely past the “blood spattered” knife wielding man and the body in the road.
It is hokum. Pure hokum.
Another “bystander” wanders past during the Woolwich farce.


The British Establishment Press.
There were a number of pieces in the corporate media regarding this case. Not one of them contained a single word of truth. It was both predictable and shocking. There was not a word about the possible implications for free speech in the conviction. Not a word.
All I would say to the members of the British Press is that your souls are in great danger and I hope it was worth it.
But I suspect that you may come to regret the way you have sold your soul to the forces of darkness and evil.
The choices you have made will resonate forever and one day you will reap what you have sown. I hope you understand what you have done.
Links to the genuinely nauseating, mainstream articles on this case are at the very bottom of the page.
The legitimacy of a  Government that has acted utterly cynically and made a further mockery of the rule of law in staging this event to frighten the people and cause them to hate and fear Muslims surely has to be questioned.
Where does the public interest sit in staging these events?
What on earth gives the Government, or part of the Government the idea that they have the right to lie to people and terrify them with lies?
This evil little stunt has genocidal implications when Britain’s behaviour over the preceding decade is examined alongside the Woolwich stunt. This was an evil thing to do and it is truly so sad that we have been reduced to this pitiful state at any point in time let alone the present.
A Pattern.
For decades British Intelligence have been in the game of manufacturing terrorism in order to terrify and control the population. Whenever a villain has been required, they have obliged.
Staging this event was a very silly and wicked thing to do, but on the big scale of things, compared to some of the other things they have done, this is nothing. Quite literally. But if the perpetrators think they are going to prosecute their way from scrutiny for conducting this silly hoax they are completely incorrect.
They are about to discover the opposite is true.
Counter tactics.
The publication of addresses, while in no way or manner in my opinion constituting harassment, may be unwise in future. This appears to have been the element that enabled this dirty game of political prosecution to be played. It was the one fact that has been used to weave a grotesque lie around.
If this is the ploy that is being used to implement Cameron’s oft stated ambition of tyranny it might be counter-productive to publish personal details of alleged crisis actors and other perceived accomplices to the hoaxes and/or false flag events in future in order to prevent the corrupt Establishment from using this technique as a means to persecute and criminalise truth-tellers.
When Soivey published those details, the intent was to investigate and solve the case. To unmask the deception. What seems to have happened.is that Chris Spivey did such a good job investigating Woolwich that he managed to discover the real identities of some of the faux players. The Woolwich perpetrators panicked at this, had to protect their lie and prevent possible weak links from being shamed into confession and this was the motive for the prosecution in my opinion.
We Know who are the real criminals and the Day of Reckoning awaits.
Chris Spivey’s real crime? He correctly identified some of the real life names of certain players in the farce.
There was no threat to anyone but they clearly felt the need, or saw the opportunity to send a message.
At this point the prosecution seems a desperate attempt to prevent the truth emerging. The decision to prosecute Spivey was a miscalculation that in time will backfire severely on the perpetrators. .
If Spivey is imprisoned, as is at least possible (unthinkable but apparently possible) his case will become a very big cause very quickly and one consequence of that will be a major increase in public interest in alternate theories and a massive upsurge of interest in the Woolwich incident.
The Precedent is Clear.
Do not think for a second that any of the things that have been done to Spivey cannot be done to you.
If this utter travesty and grievous miscarriage of justice is allowed to stand, the very institutions of British Justice will have been proven to be under the control of the most virulent, fascistic and evil elements of the New World Order project.
If Chris Spivey can be prosecuted for voicing a controversial opinion on the internet, anyone can be prosecuted for expressing any view on the internet or anywhere else.
Truth will clearly be no defence.
Therefore every possible political and legal effort must be made to overturn these heinous and unjustifiable convictions and to establish a precedent that ensures that such vindictive political prosecutions are never allowed to happen again.
I would encourage anyone with the ability to be in Essex on the morning of August 27th to attend the Essex District court and offer support to Chris Spivey. If not,  make a phone call, write a letter. Be polite and firm. Do not let these people destroy your hard won liberty. DO SOMETHING! Enough is enough.
This is a test. This is a moment that cannot be allowed limply to pass. People need to make their feelings known in a civilised and dignified way and more importantly, a whole series of legal actions need to be taken against the British Government in every possible jurisdiction, from Europe, to the UN, to the local British courts until every element of these convictions is destroyed.
Full Woolwich Terrorist Attack (Was Censored By British Government)
UK Woolwich eyewitness describes attack by Muslims on Help for Heroes T-shirt wearing man
HUMANITY vs INSANITY – #48 : STFU … or we’ll take your kids! Ian R Crane Chris Spivey
The British Prime Minister has repeatedly stated the intent to criminalise the very mention of the Big lies that define our age. This should be viewed as no less than a proxy claim of responsibility. Cameron’s handlers are especially concerned about London 7/7 and 911. I wonder why?

Source: JUSTICE DENIED: UK Police and Prosecution service use fear and harassment to Silence Chris Spivey and stop freedom of speech



Ceribalius is a pseudonym used by one of our writers, he/she is a digtial nomad and dedicated fighter of freedom and liberty. If there is something that needs saying which no one else is, he/she is the one to do it.
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