UK Prime Minister Orders Emergency Measures to Increase Vaccine Uptake

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The newly appointed Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson has ordered urgent action over declining Vaccine uptake figures following a rise in the number of measles cases(231) in the UK in the first quarter of 2019.

Boris said in a statement:

‘After a period of progress where we were once able to declare Britain measles free, we’ve now seen hundreds of cases of measles in the UK this year. One case of this horrible disease is too many, and I am determined to step up our efforts to tackle its spread. ‘

‘From reassuring parents about the safety of vaccines, to making sure people are attending follow-up appointments, we can and must do more to halt the spread of infectious, treatable diseases in modern-day Britain.’

There plans to improve vaccine uptake include:

  • Ask the NHS to use technology to identify who may have missed a vaccination and make booking appointments easier, such as improved call/recall systems for those accessing immunisations, and more consistent use of these systems across UK healthcare to remind people of their vaccine appointments.
  • As part of the GP contract review, examine wider questions of improving GP capacity to allow additional immunisation appointments – while also asking NHS England to consider other settings outside of a GP for vaccinations.
  • Develop a major campaign with NHS England and Improvement, Public Health England and GP practices to support the importance of key vaccinations in protecting against potentially dangerous diseases.
  • Work with DFE to explore more ways in which students can be informed about their health and wellbeing including the value of vaccinations – plus enabling them to critically assess misinformation spread online about certain vaccines.

The UK’s Health secretary, Matt Hancock is also on board with bumbling Boris’s plans as we well know from his statements earlier in the year where he stated he ‘would not rule out compulsory vaccine’s.

Head of Immunisation at Public Health England Dr Mary Ramsay said:

‘Making it as easy as possible for parents to access vaccines so that they can offer their children the best possible start in life is a priority for us, DHSC and for NHS England.’

Which is ironic really when you consider what they are pushing for, increased vaccine uptake.

It’s also worth noting that the number of cases in the first quarter of 2019 in the UK is actually not significant – so 230 cases in 3 months, that’s on track for around 920 cases in the year if measles infection rates stay at this current rate.

So is this unusual in the UK?

Lets look at the UK Governments own data:

2009 – 5,191 
2010 – 2,235 
2011 – 2,355 
2012 – 4,211 
2013 – 6,193 
2014 – 1,850 
2015 – 1,193 
2016 – 1,641 
2017 – 1,693

So, urgent action is required because we are on track to have significantly fewer measles cases than in previous years?

Whatever your thoughts or concerns are over measles or vaccinations, the fact is the ongoing measles hype is unjustified, the number of cases is in line with historical data.

If anything right now Measles is being reported far more than it is normally due to the continued media coverage, so it is entirely possible the actual number cases has declined, just more cases being reported than usual.

Is starting your child’s life with laboratory-produced medical interventions containing dozens of toxins designed to produce an inflammatory response, injected directly into the bloodstream, produced by companies who time and time again lie and deceive the public, often killing tens of thousands of people and injuring millions really the best start we can give them?



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