Paris Wave of Terror – Looking beyond the smoke and mirrors

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France saw it’s worst Terrorist attack since World War II yesterday, with 129 dead and many more critically injured. The Western World is now in a high state of alert with emergency talks already taking place on the situation between World leaders.

But should we really be surprised and are we really convinced that this attack is a huge surprise to Western powers ?

It’s very easy to jump on the band wagon with claims of ‘False Flag’ , but as usual certain elements  of this terrible attack are questionable at the very least.

  1. A death toll of 129 is terrible and 129 to many, but considering these terrorists had bombs and AK-47 Rifles and were spread over seven separate locations the death toll is very low – just imagine how many could of been killed. Don’t forget it was TWO HOURS before the Police entered the Bataclan Theatre where the concert was taking place.
  2. President Francois Hollande was watching a football match at the Stade de France where just five miles away another attack took place, you’d think some kind of attempt would be made to attack the President – As with all these types of attacks there is NEVER a major Government figure targeted – but instead it’s always innocent civilians.
  3. Two passports have been found on two of the terrorists, one Syrian and one Egyptian passport. Although it is entirely possible these attackers carried their passports around with them at all times in case of a need to flee at speed from the Country, but still questionable. Passports were also found at the scene of the Nine Eleven attacks, in perfect condition – Although this is a very different situation due to no planes and 99.99% of the crime scene has not been incinerated into dust accept the passports it is still nice and convenient for authorities to confirm the identity of the attackers.
  4. French & German Intelligence knew an attack was imminent in France prior to the attack:New information has just surfaced that indicates French National Police met with German BKA federal police and German BND federal intelligence service to discuss an imminent pre-planned terrorist attack on Paris weeks ago.According to a report by SOFREP:‘Industrial targets were already being probed by suspected terrorists in France, and a bomb which failed to detonate was found in one facility. The explosives employed were those stolen in a little-publicized theft from a French military armory months prior. The French and German federal police and intelligence services strongly believed at that time that terrorists were casing soft targets inside Paris and that it was, “A matter of when, not if.” The only point of contention within the French security services was whether or not the target would be soft (civilian) or hard (military, government, industrial) in nature.’

I sometimes think people misunderstand the term ‘False Flag’ – This term can be used in many ways, it doesn’t have to mean the event was staged and crisis actors were used. False Flag can also be used to name an event which is indirectly controlled and/or used to push an agenda. In this case the latter will definitely be true, this will undoubtedly be used to push more laws which will remove more freedoms of the people in the West, it will also most likely result in further military action in the Middle East. But it does also seem that to a certain degree this attack was controlled, we already know the Islamic State is not what we are being led to believe, there is a greater force behind IS/ISIS/ISIL – they are just mere puppets like us to the puppeteers.

Now it’s almost widely accepted that ISIS are a result of failures in Western Foreign Policy, this is now mainstream news – What mainstream media fails to explain though is that the failure in Foreign Policy was actually training and arming these Jihadists directly with intention. Not by some indirect tenuous poorly judged action but by organised contrived decision making from various  Powers in the West. Islamic state is not an accident, it was an intentional creation to destabilise the Middle East & the West.

Although terrible as it is the actual devastation caused by Terrorism in Europe is a pin drop in the Ocean compared to the destruction and death our own Governments participate in, France alongside the US has been at the forefront of military action in Syria in an attempt to overthrow Assad and allegedly eradicate ISIS – We all maybe shocked and saddened by this attack but we have inflicted these feeling upon millions for years across the middle east, is it so surprising that some may retaliate ?

There is also the BIG question of what have the US and it’s allies been doing in the Middle East for the last year claiming to be destroying ISIS yet making little or no progress in doing so, yet Russia in a week put a big dent in ISIS – i’m no advocate of any military action, but that aside Putin did at least perform the task he stated he would do meanwhile Obama and his allies appear to of done nothing at all, why you ask? Good question, maybe because ISIS were never a target for the West ?

It may sound like i’m contradicting my own statements with mention of one moment these Terrorist groups being controlled and the next they are acting in retaliation but I am not – these Jihadists are being used and controlled at every level in most cases without even being aware of it, as are we. It’s really quite simple to predict the human specie and the butterfly effect that follows when particular circumstances and events are put before us. These are intelligent people who have been planning the future of the World for decades, what we see happening now is the result of decisions made decades ago.

Hitler was a Tyrant, but he was an inpatient tyrant and if he could see just how easy it was to control the World he’d be kicking himself right now.

As for keeping the borders open or closing and securing the borders I don’t know, although i’m beginning to think we should secure the borders closed to protect the rest of the World from us rather than the other way around!

I think the beginning of a solution lies in removing ALL military presence in EVERY foreign nation, there is no instance as far as I am aware where Western Military intervention has performed a greater good in the post World War II era, not one. We need to keep out and stay out. This is the only way we can begin to change the paradox we are seeing. Of course if all of what we see is being controlled by greater powers at every level on both sides then this will not happen, not unless the military themselves REFUSE to participate. If this continues, I suggest and I will be doing this myself also that we refuse Tax payments in mass, funding murder is after all quite a weight on anyone’s conscious not to mention a Criminal offence. 

I object to violence because when it appears to do good, the good is only temporary; the evil it does is permanent.

Mahatma Gandhi




Ceribalius is a pseudonym used by one of our writers, he/she is a digtial nomad and dedicated fighter of freedom and liberty. If there is something that needs saying which no one else is, he/she is the one to do it.
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