Syria | Business as Usual for the Deep State

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Syria | Business as Usual for the Deep State

It’s been a relatively dull couple years for War Mongers and the Military Industrial Complex, well on the surface at least. With most of the World focused on which puppet will be the new face of the United States and the ongoing Brexit shenanigans there has been little focus on the the West’s actions in Syria and the Middle East.

Before we get into the latest strikes made by the US, UK and France lets just see what else the Deep state have been up to while everyone was distracted:

Just a couple weeks ago Israel Bombed Syrian airbase’s killing at least 14 people. This came shortly after the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his dismay over Donald Trumps decision to withdraw troops from Syria. Of course the alleged Chemical Attack which followed just days later was in no way connected, mere coincidence.

The US has also been busy with their Drone Wars, with dozens of strikes this year alone and multiple deaths autonomous murder is becoming the deep states favourite pastime. You can view all the reported drone data at The Bureau Investigates.

The Death Toll in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Libya is unknown as no longer are such incidents recognized by the Pentagon, through the use of terms like ‘coalition’ responsibility has been made obsolete.

There is also no longer any public accountability. On May 26, an American military press officer confirmed that the Pentagon will no longer acknowledge when its own aircraft are responsible for civilian casualty incidents; rather they will be hidden under the umbrella of the “coalition.” [NY Times]

A year ago the deadliest airstrike on record (if such a record exists) was carried out by US led forces killing a total of 225 people, including 36 women and 44 children:

Air strikes carried out by the US and its coalition partners in Syria have killed the highest number of civilians on record since the bombing campaign began, a war monitor has said.

A total of 225 civilians, including 36 women and 44 children, were killed in the period between 23 April to 23 May, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said. [The Independent]

We could list hundreds more similar stories from the last couple years where multiple innocent civilians have been killed in US-led attack in Syria and the Middle East, but the main point to takeaway here is that death and destruction never stopped being delivered by the West in the Middle East, the media just pushed it to the back pages and the public had Elections, Brexit, Gender Equality, Pornstar scandals and Cryptocurrency to keep them occupied.

Fake Chemical Attack

Just days after Donald Trump announced that the US would leave it’s Syrian occupation a Chemical attack in Douma was reported, killing between 30 and 100 people. Believe it or not the death toll still varies from report to report over a week later. A video was published following this supposed Gas attack which showed distressing pictures of young children crying and being sprayed with water and using breathing apparatus:

Within hours Syrian Leader Bashar al-Assad was being proclaimed as the culprit for these vile attacks and in no uncertain terms Trump declared that he would pay the price:

  The evidence to support Donald Trumps claim that Assad is responsible is non-existent, however before we get into that we have to ask ourselves this, if Assad did perform this alleged atrocitie would it be justification for other nations to perform airstrikes on Syria?   Is killing with an approved weapon any less a murder than killing using a weapon which is not on the list of approved murder weapons?   So lets take a look at the evidence to support the case that Assad was in fact responsible for this alleged chemical attack. The Pentagon have described their information as a ‘Large Body of Evidence’, so lets see:



“This conclusion is based on descriptions of the attack in multiple media sources, the reported symptoms experienced by victims, videos and images showing two assessed barrel bombs from the attack, and reliable information indicating coordination between Syrian military officials before the attack,” the White House assessment said, but did not give details on whether the information on the officials was from intercepts, informers or other channels. [The Independent]  




  So there you have it, all the evidence you could ever need to backup the decision to perform military airstrikes on another nation. Fortunately we have no reason to believe their sources would be supplying false information as the Pentagons track record for evidence accumulation has been outstanding, well most of the time – we’ll just pretend the false claim of WMD’s in Iraq didn’t happen for now:



“Our knowledge of the Iraqi (nuclear) weapons program is based largely—perhaps 90%—on analysis of imprecise intelligence.” [Politico]  




  We should also disregard the infamous Pentagon Papers which unveiled a huge cover up which spanned four Presidents over three decades, this never happened:   But past lies and deceptions aside you, the public should accept this new evidence from the US intelligence regardless of where they obtained it and it’s authenticity. After all just because they lied in the past does not mean they are lying now.   Lets take a little look at some of the contradictory evidence being thrown back at the US by Russia and Syria. The following video from Sputnik News claims to prove that this supposed ‘Gas Attack’ is nothing more than a false flag used as a pretext for War:



An apparent false flag chemical attack in the Syrian town of Douma on April 7 has served as a pretext for the United States to threaten the Middle Eastern country with a missile strike; Russia has been calling for a transparent investigation while local doctors have said no one has requested any medical treatments for poisoning. [Sputnik News]  

    Russia are claiming that the UK played a major role in the staging of this latest attack,  the Russian Defense Ministry claims to have evidence of the UK’s direct involvement in organizing this provocation. Those who took part in the filming have according to the Russian Defense Ministry been tracked down and briefed by the Ministry of defence and will be interviewed on camera.



We managed to find direct participants in the shooting of this video and interview them. Today we are presenting a live interview of these people. Duma residents in detail told us how the filming was conducted, in what episodes they took part themselves and what they did,” Konashenkov said. [Sputnik News]







Syrian Gas Attack – Round 2



  This is not the first time presidential outrage has occurred due to a evidenceless Gas attack allegedly perpetrated by Assad. Back in 2013 another such attack was reported on the suburbs of Damascus killing supposedely killing many hundreds of Civilians including many Children. The images and video footage shocked the World as we watched in horror the surreal media footage of Children being carried out of buildings and lying on the floor. The footage is not dissimilar from the footage being aired over the past week in regards to this latest Gas attack in Douma.   The UK’s BBC network aired produced one of it’s biggest pieces of propaganda ever entitled ‘Saving Syria’s Children’, which many are labelling as the Worlds worst case of Fake News in History.   You can watch the original propaganda piece from the BBC and UK Column’s breakdown of the lies and deceptions in our earlier article:



Media Silencing Truth Speech



  Though its not uncommon for the mainstream media to provide a somewhat biased narrative of events in a situation such as this rarely have we seen this level of blatant silencing of anyone who dares to divert away from the accepted narrative. In the following clip we see Sky News shut down the Former head of British armed forces as he begins to stray away from the narrative:








That Idiot on Twitter



  So the US have their hard evidence that Assad was indeed responsible for the attacks in Douma, now what? Attack of course:






Then as you would expect from any respectable leader you tweet out the success of your strikes:

Mission Accomplished? Maybe Not

Donald Trump stated in the Tweet above that mission was accomplished, however this is not entirely true as now we hear the US occupation in Syria will not come to an end as was announced only days ago:

The US will not pull its troops out of Syria until its goals are accomplished there, Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said. [RT News]

The perpetual war in the Middle East has been ongoing now for decades, with deception after deception given for the pretence of further military interventions in various Countries within the Middle East. Here at OYE we have reported on the possibility of WWIII for a few years, much of what is happening right now with tensions between the West and Russia at an all time high were discussed in an earlier article back in 2016:

Could World War III Soon Be A Reality ?

Lets not forget General Wesely Clark’s sinister revelations of how the Pentagon had planned to attack 7 Countries in 5 years, however an even so devastating would be required to instigate such actions, something to match Pearl Harbour. This was all published originally in 2007, before the attacks on the Twin Towers in New York:

Problem, Reaction, Solution

Although there is no doubt much of what we are being told by the press is deceptive at the very least we should also bare in mind that much of the Alternative Narratives may also be very far removed from the actual agenda being played out here by the deep state.

The current situation finds the biggest powers in the Worlds in disagreement with one another and potential conflict always appearing just on the horizon. We have the US, UK and much of Europe on one side, Russia and China on the opposing side. Both using propaganda to attempt to sway public opinion on current events within the middle east – yet, what do we really know?

Russia are exceptionally good at producing content that continually undermines the West’s credibility. They have the benefit that the US and UK specifically have a significant amount of deception and immoral behaviour under their belts – making evil look evil isn’t exactly a hard task for the Russians. The West on the other hand are pretty poor at propaganda and their deceptive media pieces rarely convince much of the general public. However, could it be that both parties are playing their part in a larger agenda, an agenda which has been on the table for decades.

The threat of World War III has been discussed now for the last couple years, every day the tensions grow, every day another analyst speaks of how the World has never been closer to a Global Conflict – This latest airstrike on Syria could just tip tensions over the edge, or alternatively it could call for something to null the tension. Enter the much anticipated One World Government, or as many like to call it within the World of Conspiracy Theories and Alternative News – ‘New World Order’

We’d love to hear your comments and opinions on this ongoing crisis, please use the Comments section below to share your thoughts.

James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.
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