Syria | Children’s Hospital Destroyed In Yet Another Terrorist Attack By The US Led Coalition

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Syria | Children's Hospital Destroyed In Yet Another Terrorist Attack By The US Led Coalition

Just days after the terrorist attack in Nice, France which saw 84 people killed we saw the opposing Terrorist Organisation also know as the US Government and it’s allies kill over 100 civilians in Manjib, Syria. Now we see another attack on a ‘Save The Children’ Maternity Hospital in North-Western Syria.

The BBC reports:

The charity said several babies were hurt when incubators crashed to the floor, a pregnant woman lost a leg and two others suffered shrapnel wounds. 

Syria Relief, the aid agency that manages the hospital, said those killed were relatives of patients. Save the Children said the hospital was the biggest in the area, carrying out more than 300 deliveries a month. At the time of the bombing, two operations were under way and a woman was in labour, a statement said.

Sonia Khush, the charity’s Syria director, said the bombing was “a shameful act”.

“There is no excuse, and unfortunately this is only the latest in a series of strikes on health facilities in Syria,” she said.

“We condemn these attacks, which are illegal under international law, in the strongest possible terms. We need an immediate ceasefire across Syria and an end to the appalling bombing of medical facilities.”


The State funded mainstream media is of course not blaming the US Coalition for these attacks, however such attacks were unheard of prior to their ‘help’ in destroying Syria. However as Activist Post quite rightly points out bombs falling from skies was almost unheard of prior to the West’s Military Industrial Complex took up residence in Syria.

Before the assault on Syria from the west, Syria had vibrant, bustling marketplaces in the old cities of Damascus and Aleppo. The country boasted its own innovative IT industry despite economic sanctions imposed by the West. Terror attacks were all but non-existent and the people certainly never feared bombs falling from the sky — especially onto children’s hospitals. However, all that changed after the ambitions of the military industrial complex became reality.Activist Post

In a time where Governments use the term ‘Terrorist’ to describe just about anyone who thinks beyond the ‘Western-Bubble’ is it not about time we started describing the Governments of the West correctly for what they actually are. They are Terrorists, they quite literally ‘Terrorise’ Hundreds of Thousands of people across the World. The West’s Military Industrial Complex thrives off the Death of others. Children’s body parts lying in the rubble on street sides is normal to Syrian people thanks to Tax Payers money and the majority choosing to compartmentalise these truths to protect their happy delusional lives.

Of course many will claim that Syria was in a state of serious conflict prior to the West’s intervention, however this is a fallacy. The West intervened long before they sent their War planes over seas. The West have been pushing arms into the middle east for decades. Not only are the weapons fed into circulation, but training is provided for all sides of Syria’s political movements as they have done throughout the Middle East ; this is the perfect recipe for Political conflict, which then allows the West to publicly intervene.

The Worlds Deadliest Terrorists do not blow themselves up in airports or tube stations, they do not drive trucks into busy crowds, nor do they go guns blazing into a nightclub with a semi-automatic weapon ; the Worlds Deadliest Terrorists demand huge proportions of your earnings in order to pay other people to do the terrorising!

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