Egyptian State Media Publishes The Truth About 9/11

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Egyptian State Media Publishes The Truth About 9/11

Egyptian State media columnist Noha Al-Sharnoubi has ruffled some feathers by publishing an article suggesting that the US Offical narrative on 9/11 is a deception. She writes that ISIS is ‘made up’ and that 9/11 was designed and carried out by the west to justify their ‘War on terror’.

From the Major Egyption Newspaper,

Is it possible to believe the official version for the US government the events of September 11, 2001 ?! Is it a coincidence that the leaders of September atheist attack people received lessons in the American aeronautics institutes?

Is it a coincidence that the leaders of September atheist attack people received lessons in the American aeronautics institutes?!

According to the American government’s official narrative, the first attack was at about 8:46 pm New York time and targeted the north tower of the World Trade Center and after quarter of an hour at approximately 9:03, collided with another aircraft building south tower of the World Trade Center after more than half the time, hit a third plane into the Pentagon, while the fourth plane misfires and crashed.

Does it make sense to move the four hijacked planes, with all this freedom and penetrate American airspace and hit the US World trade Center and the Pentagon towers one by one with a time lag first arrived more than 15 minutes the second time and the difference It has reached more than half an hour … and that is all of the above without targeting aircraft and eliminated despite intelligence, satellites and radars America … or that it was premeditated to justify the war on terror that began the series of episodes in Iraq?!

Was it premeditated to justify the war on terror that began the series of episodes in Iraq ?

Is it possible that  Daesh are just a creation, orchestrated to justify what is happening and what will be implemented in the Middle East and the destruction of the division and occupation?Do you remember me from the shapes and sizes were told that they were Daesh who has broadcast video cameraman them they are being slaughtered because they were told a group of Egyptian Christians in Libya?

Everything she states is what millions of people Worldwide have been suggesting for over a decade.

The official narrative is beginning to crumble!



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