The selective justice given against War Crimes – Sergeant Alexander Blackman

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The UK has found itself at War in some region of the World for several decades. Young British Soldiers have found themselves indoctrinated into a death culture for the benefit of others. Thousands have died on foreign soils fighting Wars they no little about for a cause generated by the very masters they aim to serve.

To get an idea of the type of Environment and accepted protocol that these Soldiers find themselves in please take the time to watch the following clip from Ethan McCord, Ethan was a US Soldier in Iraq – He talks of his experience in Iraq – There are numerous other Whistleblowers on the subject from US, UK & other Western allied ex-soldiers but this one is without doubt the clearest depiction of what these Soldiers were ‘dragged’ into:

Now of course many will say that everyone has a choice, but please understand that most of the people recruited into the Military go under the false impression that they are protecting their own Country and other Countries from Tyrants and Terrorism – Often they are recruited at a young age and brainwashed into accepting the Government narrative of Worldwide affairs. A few years ago I was down in Portsmouth and the Military were outside the local secondary School handing out fliers and talking to youngsters, some as young as 14 about the benefits of joining the Army. We see adverts on Television promoting the Army as a great career, a fun career – it almost looks like a exciting and prosperous life choice to make, especially to the young and influential minds.

So yes we all have the ability of free will, however that will is defined by the life experiences we encounter up until that moment of choice, if you are brainwashed by your Government, History and media into believing something your choice will most likely be defined by those experiences.

Now taking all this into account, should we not expect a little immoral and destructive behaviour from these individuals ? After all the sole purpose of the Military is to create killing machines, or individuals that can assist in killing if necessary. Should we be shocked to see footage of British Soldiers beating or killing an Iraqi without good cause ?

A prime example of this is Royal Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman, he has been jailed for what the media describe as ‘Executing an injured Taliban man’ in September 15, 2011 in Helmand Province. He claims it was a moment of madness and he deeply regrets his actions.


Royal Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman

However after a lengthy trial he has been jailed for 8 years minimum sentence. In his own words to the Daily Telegraph:

“I have been treated like someone who had carefully planned to kill his wife, invented an alibi and buried her body in the woods. I made a split-second mistake,”


No one can disagree that his actions were immoral and wrong, however if we are to condemn a man who’s initial intention was to protect his Country and assist in peace on foreign soils, a man hand plucked by the system to act as their weapon to assist them in gaining their global dominance, a man who believed what they wanted and needed him to believe then surely the very powers that placed him there should also be condemned and sentenced accordingly ?

Our current Government and previous Governments throughout history kill innocent Women, Men & Children on a mass scale all over the World. Tony Blair is responsible for the Deaths of thousands in Iraq & Afghanistan. David Cameron supports the likes of Saudi Arabia regardless of the crimes against humanity that they unleash upon the World.

Royal Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman it seems has been used as a scapegoat, that is not to say his crime should not go without justice however his actions are far more understandable and forgiveable than those that placed him in the position to which he committed these crimes.

Tony Blair went to war illegally with Iraq in 2003 on the basis of a lie, he removed Saddam Hussein and placed a more suitable leader in its place to suit the agenda of Western Governments. The death toll in Iraq was huge, the Countries entire infrastructure destroyed for NO VAILD REASON – yet Mr Blair walks free, no charge, no justice while Blackman spends the next 8 years in Prison away from his family.

As our Government and other powerful persons can literally get away with Child Abuse, Fraud & Murder the slaves to their cause are used and thrown away to rot when it suits them.

Murder is murder regardless of your position on the battlefield – Royal Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackburn killed a man without provocation but while on Foreign soil, in constant danger, witnessing his own friends and colleagues being killed and with a lifetime indoctrination to suit the Political agenda of his Country  – yet Political leaders who stay on their own soils, enjoying their comfortable lifestyle are far more responsible for this murder as well as tens of thousands of others. And of course they are also responsible for the deaths of our own Soldiers, the mental trauma caused by War on many other Soldiers, they are responsible for Children no longer having their Father or Mother in their lives anymore, they are also responsible for Royal Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman being imprisoned and having to live with the knowledge of what he did.

Hypocrisy 2.0  



Ceribalius is a pseudonym used by one of our writers, he/she is a digtial nomad and dedicated fighter of freedom and liberty. If there is something that needs saying which no one else is, he/she is the one to do it.
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