Investigation Concludes US Forces Massacred Afghan Civilians ‘In Self Defense’

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You may remember back in November of 2016 the US unleashed its favoured method of peace giving upon a small village in the Kunduz Province of Afghanistan. The attack resulted in 33 innocent civilians being killed. The US Military were later forced to open an investigation into the attack due to the details of this unprovoked attack being made so widely public.

The US Military were later forced to open an investigation into the attack due to the details of this unprovoked attack being made so widely public.

NPR reports:

“To defend themselves and Afghan forces, U.S. forces returned fire in self-defense at Taliban who were using civilian houses as firing positions,” according to the U.S. military report published Thursday.

The November firefight started when Afghan special operations forces and some U.S.military advisers entered the village of Boz in an attempt to capture Taliban leaders there. Taliban forces started firing at the troops from civilian buildings. As the joint forces began to take casualties, they called for U.S. aerial reinforcements.

The investigation concluded that the air assets “used the minimum amount of force required to neutralize the various threats from the civilian buildings and protect friendly forces.”#

The bigger question here though is – Why the hell are we still in Afghanistan?

In 2001 following the tragic events of September 11th the US began it’s ‘War on Terror’, with the first Country on the hit list being, Afghanistan.

Today, fifteen years later the US still holds a strong military presence in Afghanistan. But why ?

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