Africa to Become Test bed for Gates Funded Biometric ID system

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Poorer areas of West Africa are set to be the test bed for a new biometric digital identity system, linking individuals vaccination records to their digital payment system[1].

The project came to fruition thanks to everyone’s favourite philanthropist, Bill Gates and Mastercard.

Originally launched in 2018, Mastercards AI driven ‘Trust Stamp’ digital identity program will be integrated with Gates backed GAVI’s new digital vaccination record keeping programme. This new joint venture is being duped a “Wellness Pass”.

MintPress News reports[2]:

A biometric digital identity platform that “evolves just as you evolve” is set to be introduced in “low-income, remote communities” in West Africa thanks to a public-private partnership between the Bill Gates-backed GAVI vaccine alliance, Mastercard and the AI-powered “identity authentication” company, Trust Stamp.[2]

This new Wellness pass is ready to include Covid-19 vaccination records as soon as the vaccine becomes available and the mass inoculation of Africa begins.

While Mastercard claims the system cannot be used to personally identify people due to what they describe as a “3D mask”, this little fact is irrelevant.

Whether a system can be used to identify you or not by another a human is irrelevant, the system is an AI driven logic algorithm which can quite easily be used to control who can spend money, where they can spend their money, and how much of their money they can spend.

All this can be determined and calculated based on their health and vaccination records without anyone needing to identify anyone, that’s all thanks to the AI “3D Mask”.

No human needs to know anything about anyone in a system like this, so while these types of programs are being touted as anonymous and private systems using a unique hash for each person which cannot be reverse engineered to identify them, it doesn’t matter, the potential for exploitation on such a system is massive.

For example, not being vaccinated could easily block an individual’s ability to purchase public transportation services. No human interaction required, no one to blame or appeal to, the decision would be that of an algorithm produced by an unaccountable AI system.

What the real motives are here is anyone’s guess, of course the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations behind GAVI will claim this to be a push for improved global health and Mastercard will claim this is about the financial empowerment of those in developing countries – but is it really, does their track record really convince us of this?

Mintpress News[2] continues:

It is unclear how much the Wellness Pass initiative is motivated by public health concerns as opposed to free market considerations.

Indeed, the GAVI alliance, largely funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, as well as allied governments and the vaccine industry, is principally concerned with improving “the health of markets for vaccines and other immunization products,” rather than the health of individuals, according to its own website.

Similarly, Mastercard’s GAVI partnership is directly linked to its “World Beyond Cash” effort, which mainly bolsters its business model that has long depended on a reduction in the use of physical cash.[2]

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James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


    • James Allard

      Once again, thanks for sharing – i’ll check both the articles you shared out.

  1. sally sane

    I hope you do a report on the article below. No More Doctor confidentiality?

    “Voice biometrics and processing provider Nuance Communications has formed a partnership with Microsoft to transform healthcare delivery with ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) technologies to power the exam room of the future, in which clinical documentation writes itself, transforming the doctor-patient experience, according to the announcement.”

    • James Allard

      I’ll take a look at this, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hersilia

    I can’t believe anything that came from Gates or vaccine industries. I wish Africans refuse using what Billy offers.


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