Threats to ‘behead and shoot children’ in a multitude of calls to UK Schools

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Threats to ‘behead and shoot children’ in a multitude of calls to UK Schools

Over the past few days the UK has seen bomb threats in many of it’s schools – thousands of children have been sent home and GCSE exams postponed.

‘More bomb threats hit British schools as FOURTEEN more are closed just a day after 27 were evacuated’ – Daily Mail

‘Suspected hoax calls spread to Scotland and Northern Ireland closing 13 more schools’ – The Independent

‘Bomb threats across UK schools on GCSE exam day as caller vows to behead and shoot children’ – The Irish Mirror

The Police and the media are labeling these has hoax calls rather than a legitimate ‘terrorist’ threat, but to be on the cautious side all schools being threatened are being evacuated.


The 27 Schools in the UK affected by the bomb threat on Monday. Further bomb threats have been made since these initial 27


The news itself although being covered by all of the media is being very downplayed and exposure of online articles on the threats are virtually non-existent unless specifically searching for the related articles.

The three most likely possibilities surrounding the truth behind these threats are as follows:

  1. These are indeed Hoax calls and there is no threat what so ever to the lives of induviduals, motives for such a hoax could be any number of things from teenagers causing havoc for the pure fun of it to a lone adult with mental health issues.
  2. These are legitimate terror threats by a terrorist organisation attempting to confuse and scatter focus allowing them to follow through with their real attack
  3. This is a covert operation by a Government organisation – Psychological warfare ?

The most likely scenario is the first, it was only in January, a Russian Twitter group was believed to be behind a series of bomb threats which saw thousands of pupils evacuated from 14 schools in Britain and six in Paris.

The group, which called themselves ‘Evacuators 2K16’, invited pupils to get in touch if they wanted to ‘get out of school’.


Messages on the Russian group’s website read: ‘We LOVE to cause mayhem and ‘We hate authority’

But with what we have seen over the last decade in the post 9/11 era it would be prudent not to be a little suspicious .

We will keep this post updated on this story as it happens.



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