Brexit – The Social Psyop

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Brexit - The Social Psyop

In June 2016 the people of the UK voted on whether they would like to remain or leave the European Union. A 52% majority voted to leave and so the fun began.

Almost three years later and the British Government are still to come to a deal with the European Union, the media has had a prosperous two years of guaranteed stories to fill the pages of their bilge literature. The general public has had something to continually distract them from any other political shenanigans as they absorb themselves in these portrayed fearful times.

Dead End

Leaving the European Union is not what Brexit is about, well not now at least. Whether David Cameron’s decision to have a referendum in the first place was a devious plan to divide the social discourse is unknown, but two years later and whether by design or not, this fiasco is clearly a being used to send a message, well, a few messages.

The road to Brexit leads nowhere, that now is clear, whereas any sane individual would think leaving the European Union should just be a case of announcing your exit from the union, all existing legislation that the UK had been adhering to could be kept, for now, however as a nation they would no longer take on new legislation brought in by the EU.

Sounds to simple, right?

The Psyop

Though Brexit may achieve no separation from the European Union regardless of what the imbeciles in Westminster and Eurocracts in Brussels finally do, it has achieved something else, something far more useful to both Brussels and the UK.

Social Division is one of any power structures most useful tools in ensuring continued power over its subjects. Since the run-up to the referendum almost three years ago, a new wedge had been sliced down the middle of society. Whether the European Union was something the people should be a part of or not, was no longer the debate, what people voted was.

Brexit has achieved the following:

  • Larger Left-Right Divide
  • Increased Far Right Political and Social Movements
  • Distorted traditional far left ideologies leaving liberty behind.
  • Distracted public awareness from all other geopolitical issues.
  • Increased political interest from the younger generations.
  • Warned other EU Nation states to not attempt leaving the union.
  • Negate the usefulness of Democracy.
  • Legitimise Criminal Governments

All the above factors are extremely useful achievements for those at the top of this anti-social pyramid scheme we find ourselves in.

It’s no coincidence that as the UK was dealing with Brexit, the US also had to deal with Donald Trump coming to be the new POTUS. Which ultimately had very similar results, i.e Larger Left-Right Divide.

As the Brian Gerrish from UK Column points out, leaving the European Union is not whats happening here, there is no leaving, ties will not be broken and EU will remain in control.

Political Legitimacy

One aspect of all this few seem to pick up on, is how Brexit has regained the popularity of Politics in the general public. For decades interest in politics has been dwindling considerably as younger generations become more aware of the geopolitical motivations behind Government and their ever increasing display of corruption and incompetence.

The liberal left had been concentrating on environmental activism, stopping the wars, ending poverty, helping the homeless, saving the dolphins, guarding the rain forests and bringing down the global elite power structures. Well, as we’ve seen that has all come to an end.

The left have been duped into supporting Brexit based on the ‘Better Together’ notion that the pro-EU movement pushes. The idea that the European Union is about unity among the people of its states is total nonsense and almost the polar opposite of reality.

One World Government

In a nutshell, the EU is no more than a stepping stone subgroup of the eventual One World Government the World is aiming towards. The EU is designed to remove culture, diversity and national independence from it’s member states.

The next step in the program is to create an EU Army, which is already underway. This will create another superpower in the World alongside the United States, China and Russia. From here many suspect a global struggle between all superpowers resulting in possible War, to which peace will be resolved through the creation of a One World Government. How it plays it is difficult to predict, physical War is likely not required, War is far more likely to be played out through informational propaganda and economics.

The backbone to what will be the One World Government is already in place. The United Nations consists of just about every Country in the World with a couple of exceptions. The UN has been increasing its political interactions over the last few decades and they have certainly begun building the mainframe for their global governance.

A One World Government is the ultimate goal for socialists, though they may not even be aware of this themselves. The idea of uniting the World with a single Government on the surface sounds like a great plan, no more Wars, no more inequality, Utopia some might say. The reality is of course, very different.

A nations identity is what ensures the continuation of its culture, again many would argue this is the natural progression of Society and the collateral damage we need to endure to reach global utopia.

It is true that by unifying the people of the World under one Governmental system could create an equality in society never seen before, however at the same time it will create a ruling class like we have never seen before.

It’s entirely possible this ruling class would be ethical, transparent and do the best possible for the people of the World, however extremely unlikely and for how long?

Historically ruling classes serve themselves and others within the group at the expense of those further down the chain, this happens throughout human society, this behaviour exists all the way down the chain until you hit the bottom of the chain.

When has society ever seen long periods of time where it’s leadership has not taken advantage of their position at the expense of its people?

“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”

― George Orwell, 1984

Social Civil War

The people of the modern World are currently in Social Civil War, there are an ever growing number of contentious debates going on between all walks of life, whether it be Brexit, Donald Trump, Gender Pronouns, Vaccines, Religion, Immigration, Borders, Freedom of Speech, Privacy and so many more.

We have a battle of information and a battle between the informants providing this information. People are fighting over which information is the best information and which information is Fake News. Everyone wants to be right all of the time and deny anything that could change their mind.

Social media has become a battleground with certain factions now successfully controlling the narrative on what should, and shouldn’t be said or implied. Information is no longer being legitimatised by consensus, but by who shouts the loudest.

There may not be blood on the streets, but be under no illusions this is a civil war and it will only worsen as power becomes more and more globally centralised.

Forget Brexit

Brexit is an illusion, its a scam and we all got duped, for a time at least. It’s not about the UK leaving the European Union, they cannot leave, regardless of the outcome the strings will remain tied. Forget Brexit, leave it behind. Forget Politics, leave it behind, voting only legitimises these criminal institutions and shows a willingness to participate.

Forget Brexit.



Ceribalius is a pseudonym used by one of our writers, he/she is a digtial nomad and dedicated fighter of freedom and liberty. If there is something that needs saying which no one else is, he/she is the one to do it.
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