Child removed from mother for being a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

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Child removed from mother for being a 'Conspiracy Theorist'

This story has been circulating over the last couple days and was taken from the comments section of this article from – Although the Story has only just began to surface in the media the comments were actually made back in 2014. reports:

A Boulder, Colorado judge has removed a child from her mother’s care because the mother believes chemtrails are being sprayed into the atmosphere, court documents reveal.

The article continues:

According to Judge Mallard, Vandb being “immersed in a fringe subculture” means “she is a danger to her daughter.”

“The school helped him take away custody because I had the gall to argue with them when they severely embellished my comments (made to adults only) about chemtrails,”

Here are the original comments from Becca Vandb:

Becca says: December 19, 2014 at 10:43 am

Please help. I am being railroaded for expressing my views about and chemtrails (and other conspiracy facts) I completely lost custody yesterday and can now have only supervised visits. I HAVE NO ATTORNEY BECAUSE I HAVE NO MONEY YET. PLEASE HELP. The judge actually said “99% of people would know those are just contrails” and said that I was so “immersed in a fringe subculture” that I was a danger to my daughter. THis is in Boulder CO, which became “kontrolled opposition” a long time ago. They are not liberal here, and they certainly are not free. Please FWD this & share any ideas. Thanks Becca

Posted on February 5, 2015

Would it surprise you to hear that I mentioned chemtrails outside my daughter’s school (to adults only), and was immediately banned from the premises? Would you think it possible that, because I brought up chemtrails at my kid’s school, I can now only see my child under supervised visits, with a social worker listening in to every word we say*, so that, as the judge said, if I were to mention chemtrails, “they would put a stop to that” …? Well, it’s true. I was certainly shocked to hear a judge say “99% of people would know that those are just contrails,” as her justification for her ruling that I was “deeply immersed in a fringe counterculture” and was therefore a danger to my daughter. Boulder, CO is considered to be one of the most liberal places in the U.S. (it has not been such for many years), and the people here boast that they have the highest education level of any city in the U.S. Seriously. This is the state of affairs in Colorado, one of the wealthiest American states. When I was banned from the premises after bringing up chemtrails, this was because a man who barely heard me mention the word, went in to the office and severely embellished, telling them I was screaming paranoid ideas. I challenged the school on this, and tried to discuss it with them to dispute the man’s account. The school teamed up with my daughter’s dad to take custody away from me. I have now lost custody, partly because I have not had a lawyer and her dad has, but also because I was railroaded by a very ignorant judge (D.D. Mallard, one of Boulder District 20’s worst, hopefully; she did already have a public record of bias against pro se parties). I was never accused of harming my daughter; there was never any evidence that I put her in danger, neglected or harmed her in any way. Child Protective Services was never involved. This was entirely about my beliefs, and the judge said so. At the last hearing (which I was not informed would address a motion to restrict to supervised visits), I tried to put my beliefs and current discoveries in perspective, but it only backfired. It was clear the judge had already decided not to listen to anything I presented and she actually rolled her eyes at some strong evidence I had in my favor, before I could even finish a sentence. Everything else that I mentioned – that related to putting my beliefs in context – she had not heard of. Merely because she had not heard of these things (words like ‘kundalini’ and ‘chakras’ and ‘twin souls,’ and ideas like a new monetary system and new currency for the U.S.) she believed it was fully within her authority to deem those things completely crazy, delusional, paranoid, and so ‘fringe’ they were a danger to children’s ears. This started in October, and I still have no attorney. I have no end in sight to the supervised visits, which are very stressful for my daughter as well. Her father can’t see this and will not value her feelings in this matter, because he is so buoyed by the authorities’ approval of him; his bruised ego (from my past rejection) is so vindicated by his reinforced tattling that he is blinded to his own daughter’s desire to see her mother. But get this – her father works in atmospheric engineering! He now works for the solar observatory (that’s the sky), but prior to that he was with the National Center for Atmospheric Research (with many other compulsive-conformist tattle-tales), both under the University of Colorado. He is in abject and hostile denial of geoengineering, as are the Boulder Courts, the Boulder Valley Schools, and apparently all of the University of Colorado faculty and staff. ** If all of these officials and ‘highly educated’ people in the ever-so-intelligent Boulder, CO are so hostile to the suggestion that there is anything in those long white clouds, can you imagine how they feel about notions of false flags at Sandy Hook or the 9/11 inside job? People who are aware of these issues are not welcome to be anything other than homeless in most areas of the U.S. that were considered liberal and educated years ago (such as Colorado and New England). The Cabal focused their multi-prong MK efforts here and they were very, very effective. Outside of the institutions, among younger people and low-paying jobs, perhaps a few more are aware of some conspiracy realities. Maybe 10-15% on some topics**^, where it is higher in other urban areas outside Colorado. Such awareness is suspiciously retarded here, for reasons on which we could only speculate. But looking at the higher estimates clouds the issue of WHO is in power and WHAT they can do to dissenters and conspiracy theorists, who are considered mentally ill and dangerous out of hand. I now understand how extremely effective was the Cabal’s manipulation of news, history, policy, and beliefs, that it amounts to a severe crusade against dissent. Since I am one of those who are here with a soul purpose, ‘they’ have all but killed me. I have no money, no attorney, and no hope at this point of having my daughter at my house again.*** I am blacklisted from employment in certain state-related areas, which is illegal but they are doing it anyway. I am on disability ($900 a month) and about to lose my child support. I have equity in my house which I cannot access, because the mortgage company wants to make it easy to take that away. I am 2 mortgage payments behind and threatened with foreclosure by a company that keeps increasing the payment on a fixed loan, but NO ONE I know would consider the idea that the mortgage company could be cheating. THAT kind of thinking is not tolerated around here. In court I tried to defend myself by pointing out that the school district was unfairly helping my kid’s dad, and that they had embellished upon things I’d said. Nothing of the sort was to be considered, instead it was construed as proving that I was paranoid. The fact that the school district had helped him could only help his case, because the school district is a de facto authority. If they are upset with someone, that someone has done something wrong. That IS how anyone with any power in the state of Colorado views the world. And in that light, isn’t there little wonder so few people ‘wake up’ around here?

Many of the debunking websites such as Metabunk have deemed this story to be false purely based on the fact that there were more reasons other than the Chemtrails belief to why the child was removed from the mother. But all of these other reasons were just more beliefs that the mother held that don’t fit with the official narrative which if anything strengthens this story.

Becca Vandb’s facebook page has various posts on what they are labelling as ‘fringe’ beliefs but is that a crime, should child custody really be based upon  what the parent chooses to accept as truth?

You cannot decide custody of a child based on belief systems of current & historic events that the parent in question holds. The very fact that such decisions are made on this basis shows us just how far they are willing to go in an attempt to ‘scare’ people into staying quiet, closing their minds and be subservient to the corrupt system we currently have.

So the biggest question of all is whether this is actually a genuine case, or just merely an exaggerated rambling on a blog turned into an article. Becca Vandb has as far as we know yet to make a statement regarding the recent media attention and we have yet to see any official documentation to clarify this case.

We will update you with any new information as it comes in.



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