Harambe the Gorilla should never of been in captivity – thats the real story here!

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Harambe the Gorilla should never of been in captivity - thats the real story here!

Unless you have just come back from vacation outside of our solar system you will of heard of the tragic shooting of a Harambe the Gorilla at a Cincinnati Zoo. The media has been all over this story, animal activists are in uproar, social media has begun tribute and justice pages for Harambe.

Quoting from the Daily Mail:

The clip shows Harambe standing guard over the boy in the corner of the moat, and the two even share a brief moment holding hands.Witnesses said the gorilla was acting protectively in the tense situation, which may have been aggravated by panicked onlookers who screamed as they watched from above.

Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard confirmed the boy was not under attack, but called it a ‘life threatening situation’ where the gorilla was ‘agitated’, ‘disoriented’, and ‘behaving erratically’.During a press conference on Monday afternoon, Maynard supported the animal response team’s decision to kill Harambe, and said: ‘Looking back we would make the same decision.’He also insisted the zoo’s barriers were secure, saying: ‘We all need to work to make sure our families are safe. Do you know any four-year-olds? They can climb over anything.’The incident, which was captured on a cell phone camera, has sparked an outcry of emotion, with thousands of mourners branding it a ‘senseless death’.

If you watch the footage its clear the Gorilla is clearly not a threat to the boy, in fact Harmabes tenderness towards the intruder falling into it’s prison brought a tear to my eye. But that said the Zoo did the only thing they could do in that situation – they shot the Gorilla. Now I don’t believe it was necessary and if i’m honest I don’t believe the Zoo keepers thought it was either. But such things will be standard protocol within Zoo’s and they would be closed down if they did not follow these protocols.

Social Media meme

Social Media meme circulating today shared by millions

HOWEVER – the point which many are missing is Harmabe should never of been in captivity. The act of profiting from the captivity of animals is just disgusting, the act of paying to see animals held in captivity is disgusting. Many of those in uproar over this will undoubtedly wear mainstream cosmetics tested on animals, eat  meat, use products containing palm oil, drink milk, eat chocolate and most likely visit the Zoo from time to time – All of which causes far more tragedy and suffering to animals than this single incident.

It’s tragic – It’s done – Learn the correct lesson from it – Animals in captivity for recreational purposes is a moral crime whether you provide the service or support the service



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