Monsanto’s New Campaign To Discredit Real Science To Protect Corporate Profits

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Just a few days ago we heard of Monsanto’s disgusting disregard for the Environment and Public Health as Dr Rosemary Mason exposed how the UK Government and the Chemical producer giant Monsanto colluded together to use Wales, UK as a dumping ground for their toxic waste. Well, this may come as no surprise then.

The latest move, the formation of a group called “Campaign for Accuracy in Public Health Research”, (CAPHR) clearly promotes an agenda opposite to that which its name implies. Formed this month by the American Chemistry Council, whose membership includes Monsanto and other chemical industry titans, the group’s express purpose is to discredit the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a unit of the World Health Organization made up of independent scientists.

An IARC scientific team declared in March 2015 that glyphosate was a probable human carcinogen after reviewing an extensive body of published research on the subject. Monsanto and friends have been harassing IARC ever since through a series of demands, threats and legal maneuvers, including lobbying the U.S. House of Representatives to cut funding for IARC.

This type of tactic from companies such as Monsanto is nothing new, they have used their money and influence over Governments to manipulate academia and science journals for years.

The article from The Huffington Post continues:

The new campaign takes the assault further. On the group’s new twitter account, set up on Jan. 25, CAPHR has posted a string of insults against IARC scientists, accusing the experts from prestigious institutions around the world of “making sensational claims,” drawing conclusions “that can’t be trusted,” and using “questionable methodologies.”

If CAPHR is to be believed, the public, lawmakers and regulators should not trust the epidemiology experts, toxicologists and other scientists who made up the IARC working group, which was led by an award-winning cancer expert from the National Cancer Institute. No, they should look for unbiased information about the safety of the industry’s billion-dollar baby from the industry itself. The chemical industry campaigners insist that the people making money off chemical sales are more trustworthy than scientists who have made a career studying causes of cancer.

The basic mindset in which these greedy, inhumane Corporate entities would like you to adopt is, ‘Dismiss everything else you read and hear and listen to what we have to say about our products’

This type of deception, false discrediting and manipulation of truth is a far more concerning issue to Humanity than the current establishment focus on ‘Fake News’. With our children’s health being compromised for the sake of securing profits for these criminals Governments should be taking action against them, but of course, our Governments are all infiltrated by these giant companies, with many of the influential politicians in western Governments being large stakeholders in these companies. Monsanto and the US Government are also renowned for its revolving door approach to employment.

More from The Huffington Post:

There is also the not-so-small issue of the dozens of lawsuits filed against Monsanto alleging the company has long known Roundup could cause cancer but has hidden the facts from the public. Those cases, brought by people from across the United States who have cancer or lost a loved one to cancer, have been consolidated in federal court in San Francisco where discovery is underway. Monsanto has so far turned over more than seven million documents through that process.

Court records show that plaintiffs’ attorneys are building their cases around the IARC classification, while Monsanto is counting on the backing of the Environmental Protection Agency, which has stated that glyphosate is “not likely” to be carcinogenic for people. Just as Monsanto is trying to tear down IARC, plaintiffs are trying to discredit the EPA findings, saying Monsanto has unduly influenced the agency. On the same day that the chemical industry launched its anti-IARC campaign, U.S. District Judge Vince Chhabria ordered each side in the Roundup litigation to submit briefs on how the work by both IARC and EPA is or is not relevant to the cases. The briefings are due Feb. 8.

Many people still believe such behaviour by large Corporations are nothing more than Conspiracy Theory nonsense, however this is no theory, this is the unfortunate truth – and it has to stop!

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