The Not So ‘Great Reset’

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While once the dream of gold bugs, doom and gloomers and conspiracy theorists, this concept of a Global Reset is becoming a proposed reality pushed by the usual suspects. 

From the Global Economic Forum[1]:

….the Great Reset is a commitment to jointly and urgently build the foundations of our economic and social system for a more fair, sustainable and resilient post-COVID future.[1]

With a dramatic Hollywood style trailer to promote so-called ‘Great Reset’, it’s a sure bet that this concept will be endorsed by the ever growing left orientated general public. After all, it’s being sold as the great leveller, equality for all and environmental sustainability:

Not so Great

The common phrases being touted by the likes of  The World Economic Forum and The International Monetary Fund are ‘Fiscal stimulus’ and ‘Greener, Smarter, Fairer’ , as you can clearly see from this open letter[2] by the IMF’s Managing director,  Kristalina Georgieva:

From the perspective of the IMF, we have seen a massive injection of fiscal stimulus to help countries deal with this crisis, and to shift gears for growth to return. It is of paramount importance that this growth should lead to a greenersmarterfairer world in the future. [2]

She goes on to talk about these three things in more detail:

First, let me first talk about green growth.

Governments can put in place public investments—and incentives for private investments—that support low-carbon and climate-resilient growth.

Second, let me talk about smarter growth. We know the digital economy is the big winner of this crisis. But we must not allow the digital divide to widen so that some countries and communities fall further behind. This would bring more pain than gain in the future.

And that takes me to my third point—fairer growth.

We know that—if left to its own devices—this pandemic is going to deepen inequality. That has happened in prior pandemics.

We can avoid this if we concentrate on investing in people—in the social fabric of our societies, in access to opportunities, in education for all, and in the expansion of social programs so we take care of the most vulnerable people. Then we can have a world that is better for everyone. [2]

She finishes off with a final clarification of these three terms:

And I want to say—loud and clear—the best memorial we can build to those who have lost their lives in the pandemic is to build a world that is greener, smarter and fairer.[2]

Green Growth

By Green Growth they mean industrial monopolisation, a controlled power grid, monetization of the environment and of course, increased taxation by the state.

All of which will be helped to implement using their second goal.

Smarter Growth

The IMF state:

…it is critical that institutions like the IMF support investments that will shrink the digital divide—working in partnership with the World Bank and others.

The answer to the digital divide problem is 5G technology, which once fully rolled out plans to provide super fast internet to the majority of the World. However, this is not the root cause for all the excitement surrounding 5G. The Internet of Things is the real reason 5G is being pushed out so quickly, regardless of the potential health implications surrounding the technology.

IoT is the backbone of the proposed smart future we have to look forward to. With every aspect of human society interconnected via this technology, every aspect of Agenda 2030 can be easily achieved.

This will allow for what they call Fairer Growth and increased equality.

Fairer Growth

Fairer growth is not about improving the life for all, it’s about ensuring the bottom 90% of western society are less able to step over the ever increasing wealth gap to the top players in society. It’s about securing the wealth of those who have already monopolised the economy and disabling small businesses from ever becoming competition.

The likes of Google, Amazon, Walmart, Microsoft, Facebook and a handful of others have secured their place in the World monopoly of social goods and services, there is no room for competition in a World trying to reduce its carbon footprint to zero.

So fairer growth is basically no growth for the majority and increased security for those top key players in the World’s current social infrastructure.

The Great Reset

The Great Reset is not great, it’s not even a reset, it’s a consolidation of power justified by the ongoing fake pandemic. Whether you believe the pandemic was an event derived from bad science and incompetent Governments or an entirely fabricated event with ulterior motives, the reality is that it has provided the perfect opportunity to fast track society into the highly controlled, highly secure, highly invasive smart World that the elite have been discussing for decades.




James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


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