UK Government Signs Julian Assanges Extradition Papers

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British Home Secretary Sajid Javid told BBC Radio 4’s that he has signed Julian Assange’s extradition order. The Final decision is now in the hands of the courts said Javid:

“The final decision is now with the courts,”

Where exactly Assange will be extradited to is still unknown, but certainly, it will be either Sweden or the US.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange faces 18 indictments that accuse him of soliciting and publishing Government classified information as well as conspiring with Whistleblower Chelsea Manning to crack a defence department computer password.

Espionage charges were also issued by the Justice Department in Alexandria, Virginia last month.

Assange was evicted on 11th April from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, where he had been staying since 2012 after Ecuador granted him political asylum. British Police arrested him and was later sentenced to 50 weeks in prison for jumping bail.

Along side the US based charges, Sweden also have rape charges against him. Though it should be noted that both rape charges against Assange are misleading and relate to consensual sex incidents. The charge of Rape is based around alleged deception over the contraception he was using at the time of the intercourse.

The United States will detail all the charges against Julian Assange when it seeks his extradition in a London court on Friday.

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