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BREAKING: Brexit Win

Polls show an almost certain win for Brexit.

The people of Britain have shown that they will not be bullied by corporate bullies with their greed and power hungry tyranny. It is now time for David Cameron and his failing government to leave. Hang your head in shame Mr Cameron. No doubt, Cameron’s Spin Doctors are ready to try and save him ‘some’ credibility. But he deserves NONE!

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Totally Shocking. This will blow your mind! Britain Already Sold to the EU

In 1972 the British Prime Minister and alleged child killer Paedophile, Edward Heath, signed the British People into the Common Market thus starting the steady decline of the UK’s sovereignty to Europe. It is now known that the people of the UK were deceived and lied to by their own government to allow this Coup d’etat to happen.

This documentary, introduced by Sir Patrick Moore, features journalist Christopher Booker, Police Superintendent Trevor Colman, Christopher Gill, Lindsay Jenkins among others.

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