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UK Government’s Controlled Mainstream News Controls Your Emotions

When people die, it’s very sad. But what’s even sadder, is when your government exploits your emotions to kill more people in wars of occupation under the guise of self defence and humanitarian intervention.

What people tend to forget is, both sides are controlled by the same people. ISIS and the UK government are one and the same.

So let’s get our act together and get angry at this Satanism that’s infested our planet.

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Manchester Explosion – Police Are Reporting at least 22 Dead And 50 Injured.

People are saying the Manchester terror attack was a false flag to trump support for a new war of occupation in Syria. Do you believe this? Does this opinion have any merit?

Or do you trust the mainstream news? Please watch this to understand what lengths the media will go to do deceive you.

*Please note, a false flag does not mean no one died. It just means that an event was set up to achieve a goal. Some are fake, some are real but planned to deceive and some never happened at all.

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