UK Health Secretary Displays His True Incompetence

by | May 15, 2020 | Health, Video Picks of the Week | 0 comments

The UK’s Health Secretary Matt Hancock was shown up for incompetent fool that he is by comedian Michael Spicer[1] earlier this week.

Matt Hancock’s attempts to answer questions from journalists on a new app designed to help with contact tracing during the coronavirus outbreak was probably one of the most nonsensical ramblings you have ever heard.

We are posting purely for entertainment value and do so quite happily at the expense of Matt Hancock.

Matt Hancock has shown his true colours when it comes to personal health choice when he suggested he ‘had not ruled out mandatory vaccines'[2], he’s shown his total disregard for privacy when he released firstly his own app for his local constituency, where his fans could keep up with what Matts up to. The ‘Matt App’ was the first of its kind, well for an MP at least.

The problem was this self-indulgent, self-obsessed app was as parasitic as its creator, it was sucking all the data of peoples mobiles.[3]

But that wasn’t enough for Matt, so now we have Matt Hancock’s tracing app, to help protect you from the dreaded coronavirus. Matt urges everyone to download it and use it.

Its ok though, Matt has ensured us that your privacy is safe, you will be anonymous!

Well, except for your IP address of course, and a unique installationID upon installation of the app. Minor detail.[4]

If ever you were looking for an explanation of why the current Governance structure is predominantly a failure and should be broken down merely to an administration unit – this is it.


James Allard

James Allard

James has been with OYE NEWS from the start, with extensive knowledge across a wide range of subjects his work is diverse. He is essentially an Anarchist and believes in individual freedom and sovereignty.


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